Best council money can buy

One of our readers tipped us off to the fact that the city now has new official goals.
You can read them directly from the city web site here:
Since the city is in the habit of changing their web site to remove our ability to see historical information the eight goals are listed below:
1.) Create an Environment Conducive to Strong Sustainable Economic Development
2.) Set the Standard for a Safe and Secure City
3.) Promote the Visual Image of El Paso
4.) Enhance El Paso’s Quality of Life through Recreational, Cultural and Educational Environments
5.) Promote Transparent and Consistent Communication Amongst All Members of the Community
6.) Set the Standard for Sound Governance and Fiscal Management
7.) Enhance and Sustain El Paso’s Infrastructure Network
8.) Nurture and Promote a Healthy, Sustainable Community

Well developed

I must have missed the notifications of the public meetings where the city sought citizen input on the goals.  If you take a moment to look at a recent city council agenda (hurry, the link may become invalid if the city needs it to go away) you will see that items on the agenda are now attributed to one of the goals.  How nice.  We will give examples in  later posts.

Our number one goal according to our city is to “Create an Environment Conducive to Strong Sustainable Economic Development”.

Growth in other words.  Some will argue that the goal is about improving our job base.  The mayor has certainly made this his priority.  We thank him for that.

Unfortunately this will translate into a continued subsidized land grab with our Public Service Board a primary target.

Our developers need vast new tracts of land in order to continue to make the profits that they want.  Forget infill, it is less profitable than new developments.

It is not as though we have an unlimited supply of cheap water.  Buying and developing agricultural land from farmers children who inherit land and  do not want to work a farm does not seem to be an option the developers want to pursue.  Doing so would help us by making water available for residential use.

None of us should begrudge the right of the developers to make a profit.  In our case however we are not letting the market decide what to do.  Instead the developers have decided to buy city council and control the market more effectively.

We try to keep our posts relatively short.  Stay tuned this week as we discuss problems with the other new goals that have been imposed on us.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Best council money can buy

  1. hunty wood says:

    similar goals to agenda 21


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    Well, here’s what “promote the visual image of El Paso means:
    3.1 Provide business friendly permitting and inspection processes
    3.2 Improve the visual impression of the community

    No comment is needed.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    Speaking of city council and money, Josh Hunt of Mountainstar said the people of El Paso all also owe a debt of gratitude to Joyce Wilson, Cortney Niland and other council members who voted for the ballpark. And to think…….we thought the only thing we owed was millions and millions of dollars.


  4. U says:

    Yes you did miss it. It was posted. It was their strategic meeting they have every year. This year I did not go as they changed the format. The voice of the public was shut out. So why bother spending a whole day listening to utter BS. Alas they know better then you or I. City Council, our Mayor and our City Manager simply would rather do business behind closed doors and out of sight of the public and have been doing more and more in executive session than was conducted in the past.


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    Am trying to imagine what “promote the visual image of El Paso” means. Publicize the sprawl? Pictures of plastic bags on cactus? The empty lot where the Muir Building once stood? The dilapidated Kress building, degenerating while the City looks the other way? “It’s All Good!”


  6. Reality Checker says:

    This list of goals provides a lot of insight into the priorities of council and management.

    Sound fiscal management is near the bottom of the list as is infrastructure.

    Recreation is more important than education.

    Visual image is more important than substance.

    That list gets more ridiculous and incredible when you click on one of the goals and view the components of each goal. For example, under the quality of life goal, the first sub-item is: “Deliver bond projects impacting quality of life across the city in a timely, efficient manner.”

    Reading the detail for each goal will make you laugh hysterically, after which you will experience extreme nausea and vomiting.


  7. Jerry K says:

    Didn’t they mean to say “Fisical Management” 🙂


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