Voting patterns

I recently found this graphic on

It says a lot.

We deserve better


13 Responses to Voting patterns

  1. True Blue says:

    It says there are a lot of rural yokels that vote against their own interests and vote for the interests of the rich.


    • Original Maga says:

      What a typical leftist statement True Blue. If we don’t agree with your propaganda and leftist brainwashing then we are voting against our best interests for the rich. A secure border is NOT against our own best interest. Fighting climate change rubbish is NOT against our own best interests. Enforcing laws and supporting the Constitution are NOT against our own best interests. Voting for those who will fight for us to keep our guns and keep our religion are NOT against our own bests interest. Supporting capitalism over socialistic-based, free hand out systems that bankrupt themselves is NOT against our own best interest.


      • “Enforcing laws and supporting the Constitution” is important to you? So, where in our laws or that Constitution does it say that is is OK for a president to behave like a two year old? Where does it say anything about automatic weapons being necessary for a civilian? What part of “well regulated militia” did you miss? What, exactly, is “climate change rubbish” (a clever pun, btw)? Who, exactly, is interfering with your religion, and why should all of us have to adhere to just one religion? Do you even know what socialism really means? So, our national debt and our yuge Deficit are the result of what you see as “free hand out systems?” What a typical Far Right Nazi comment!


        • Publius says:

          Mr. Dungan, you are quick to throw out the Nazi epithet.

          I don’t see Original Maga subscribing to concepts of racial hierarchy or social Darwinism.

          The Nazi’s also were not fans of free market capitalism, which I’m guessing that Original Maga supports. Indeed, they were fearful of big business, likely due to some Jewish ownership.

          There is a sliver of the left these days who share this perspective (including its antisemitism). I’m not saying that folks on the left are Nazi’s, but I am saying that our society has the risks of Nazism at all edges of the political spectrum.

          I have no other comment on your post, just the inappropriate use of this slur.

          I can understand why individuals do not care for President Trump and don’t appreciate the values of Original Maga. However, neither is a Nazi or anything resembling a Nazi.


          • Anon says:

            Trump consistently denigrates Blacks and Hispanics with terms he has reserved for non-Whites, so it’s clear that he believes non-Whites are inferior. His occasional rally statement that he loves Hispanics and employs a lot of them is reminiscent of slaveowners who said they loved their slaves like family.

            Free market capitalism? The crony capitalism, which we have today, is not free market capitalism.


          • Anonymous says:

            Actually, Trump’s economic policies have reduced Hispanic and African American unemployment to record lows. Something Obama failed to do.


        • Anonymous says:

          If I remember correctly John, you are the beneficiary of a retirement program. Here is a dirty little secret most politicians weren’t discussing: poor stock market performance was causing most private and public sector retirement programs to miss their growth targets. Public sector retirement programs were occasionally hitting up taxpayers to address that. Private sector programs were simply taking the hit. Folks funding their own retirements via 401Ks or IRAs had also not made their growth targets. The stock market has rebounded tremendously under Trump’s policies. That alone, should make everyone over the age of 50 see the value of a President who isn’t buying into the we are a service economy who can’t expect to grow and must live with bad trade agreements and the highest corporate taxation in the world arguments both GOP and Dem Presidents bought into. I don’t like Trump’s lack of interpersonal skills but he is fixing policies that were destroying this country. If Congress would work with him and find middle ground on immigration and healthcare, that could also get fixed. But instead the establishment of both parties continue to cling to extreme positions. Also, note that if more people are working fewer are taking welfare. Also if more people are working more funding is going into SS and Medicare. While there are still issues that need some adjustment if those programs are to remain viable, more revenue helps.


    • Anonymous says:

      How is it that you determine what my best interests are? Do I get to do the same for you?

      It’s funny when people who probably consider themselves “intelligent” and “tolerant” prove publicly they are everything but tolerant and intelligent.

      If you dislike something, simply labeling it as something most people would dislike isn’t an argument nor does it validate your beliefs.

      Throwing around the word “Nazi” and “racist” is quickly diminishing the true meaning of the words. If you were to actually read history, Nazis were murderous racists. Name a single person still alive that you have called a Nazi who has killed people, numbering hundreds of thousands to millions, in the name of ethnic cleansing, or for any reason at all. None?

      Same thing with racism. Name something racist that anyone you called a racist has done. Not your interpretation of what they do or say, it should actually be something racist, like calling someone the n-word or saying Race X doesn’t deserve _____.

      Where is it written that everyone in society must subscribe to the same beliefs that you demand? That is the exact opposite of America.

      I grew up in a country where people didn’t have to agree on everything except for the ideal that it is okay to have different beliefs. Those days are sadly gone.

      Look up the ACTUAL murderous, racist history of the Democrat party. Even in El Paso. Unless you don’t like truth, then by all means keep inventing your own reality.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I take it as a sign that the rural “yokels” still have common sense. The folks in blue aren’t pushing for lower caps on property taxes or open borders.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Meant to say the folks in blue aren’t pushing for caps on property taxes or an end to open borders.


  4. John Dungan says:

    It also shows the least populated parts of Texas in orange.


  5. Rico Suave says:

    This is why we have an Electoral College for nation elections


  6. ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

    l’m not surprised. You have the lower class, welfare recipients along with the large city – metropolities that are more likely to work for the government or as l like to call it, doing less with more.


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