Open line Saturday

It’s Saturday.

What are you thinking?

We deserve better


18 Responses to Open line Saturday

  1. Tom Busch says:

    I’m thinking it’s Friday.


  2. Tom Busch says:

    I had to ask what day it was this morning so don’t feel bad.


  3. Dave Hendrix says:

    Today is Flag Day and I manage a flag program for the Kiwanis of El Paso that places flags at homes & businesses on 5 patriotic holidays a year. I received this special note today that made me feel what we do is really worth it. Here goes:

    “I really do appreciate the fact that you do this — it cannot be cost effective for you but the presentation is really effective.

    Let me tell you a true story that happened this last Memorial Day.

    First, I have a flag on top of my house that flies 24 hours a day and with the wind in this area it needs to be replaced often.
    Being Memorial Day, I wanted a beautiful clean flag for the occasion.
    As I was replacing my flag pole I noticed your flags being installed on my lawn and a scout (I think) stepped back and saluted each installation.
    And then I was noticed on the roof placing my flag. He looked up and saluted that as well.
    I got to tell you that I choked up with emotion for what he did and I am now as I write this am doing the same.

    I got to tell you that in today’s world, this type of exhibition is, sadly, unheard of. I was and am seriously impressed.

    Thank you for what you do,”

    Thank you Tom for making MY day!


  4. BabyApe says:

    Why is BIG news that a few illegals die by drowning or in vehicle accidents? We have more citizens die this way all the time. Let’s get off the illegal bandwagon and worry about taking care if our own.

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    • Anonymous says:

      The U.S. had 2,487 gun-related deaths between January 1 and March 7 of this year, a number very close to the 2,501 U.S. combatants known to have died in D-Day. Gun-related deaths annually are about three times deaths by drowning. If we’re truly worried about reducing the number of needless deaths in the U.S., let’s start with some additional, reasonable gun controls.


      • Anonymous says:

        It seems weird that a person so focused on preventing death provides no abortion statistics, nor do you seem to be against other forms of death that outnumber gun deaths on an annual basis.

        You seem to be only concerned with affecting gun owner’s ability to exercise their rights.

        How many people died in automobile accidents during that same period? You don’t seem to propose eliminating vehicles. How many died taking selfies, being stabbed or beaten, hit by cars, etc.?

        You care very little about death rates but very much in taking rights away from people you hate.

        Not a single gun control scenario yet espoused would do anything to combat actual “gun” violence or to prevent any of the deaths of which you claim to be so concerned.

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        • Hmmmm says:

          Why don’t pro life people picket in front of gun shops?


          • ANONYMOUS ! ! ! says:

            1) That’s because guns have also been known to have saved numerous lives, and more importantly…2) Guns don’t go inside a womb to slice up a fetus a million ways and then vacuum up the pieces from the (now former) mother. And like l said awhile ago, this is coming from someone who’s pro choice – albeit reluctantly.


      • How about restrictions on motor vehicles? Non-suicide gun deaths amounted to about 14,000 whereas vehicle crash related deaths amounted to 40,000 and drug related deaths were about 64,000. Methinks you need to mentally rethink your priotities no matter where your psyche leads you.


      • Anonymous says:

        Gun ownership in Mexico is illegal. How’s that working?


  5. Rod Fender says:

    I didn’t fly a gay pride flag yesterday but my neighbor did.
    Today I flew the American flag but my neighbor didn’t.
    Wonder who the patriot is…..


    • Anonymous says:

      When I was growing up it was widely believed that, as Americans, people could think and believe as they like. Now it seems like being an American is under attack and that people must think or believe what others decide is appropriate.

      There is a truck that drives through our neighborhood regularly flying a vary large Mexican flag. Nobody but me flies an American flag in our neighborhood.


  6. Anonymous says:

    We should all petition city council/county judges for a list of crimes that citizens can commit with their blessing and endorsement.

    I vote for not paying taxes.


  7. Poll says:

    Margo or Leeser?


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