El Paso ball park lease–continued

November 7, 2013

I found the first amendment to the ball park lease.  As it applies to parking the only thing that I saw in the amendment was that in years 25-30 of the lease the city will be entitled to $1.60 per parking spot per year.

The lease is now for thirty years with the sports group having the option to extend the lease three times for five years each.  That brings the period in which they can control the ball park to 45 years.

The lease will cost $400,000 per year for the first five years and escalates all the way up to $644,204 per year in years 25 to 30.

City use

The sports group gets first priority in using the facility each of the 365 days of the year.

The city may request to use the facility for:

“civic-oriented, community not-for profit or educational events such as City ceremonies, conferences, conventions, meetings and training sessions”

and the sports group will allow them to use it if the sports group does not have something else scheduled for that day.  In other words the city only gets to use the stadium if the sports group does not want it that day, and the city cannot use the arena to make a profit.


When the city is using the stadium the sports group has the right to run the concessions.  If the sports group declines to run the concessions for a city event, the city must “negotiate an agreement” with the sports group’s existing concessionaires.

The city will reimburse the sports group for any extra expenses that running the city event cause.

City ticket revenue

The city may place a surcharge of fifty cents for each ticket sold for a ball park event.  That number increases each five years up to eighty cents per ticket in years 25-30.


I can understand setting fixed amounts for leasing of large facilities.  What does not make sense is a ticket surcharge that goes from fifty cents to eighty cents after 25 years.  Where were the city people in this negotiation?

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Ballpark lease

June 26, 2019

There were some questions last week about the contract between the city and the group that owns the Chihuahuas.

This post from some time back will provide some details

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USL soccer coming to the ball park

October 1, 2018

Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 2, 2018) city council will consider changing the ball park lease.

The sports group already has control over the ball park every day of the year because of their current lease.

The group wants to bring a USL soccer team to El Paso and play at the ball park.  They plan to spend $3.5 million to make the facility appropriate for both baseball and soccer.

This makes sense if for no other reason than they already control what can happen at the park.

From the proposed changes to the lease:

“… all revenues generated
from the Soccer Team and/or the Ballpark on the date of a Soccer Team home game or
USL events including, without limitation, all revenues from Soccer Team or USL ticket
sales (except Ticket Fees), parking (except for City’s share of parking revenue, discussed
in Article V of this Agreement), Soccer Team or USL Concessions, Soccer Team or USL
Merchandise, Soccer Team or USL suite, and club seat sales, interior and exterior Soccer
Team or USL-related Ballpark advertising and signage, sponsorships, any and all Soccer
Team or USL naming rights and other advertising, sales of broadcast and telecast rights,
internet rights, league expansion fees and team fundraising, and any other sources of
Soccer Team or USL related revenue, shall be retained by MountainStar Soccer or the
USL, as appropriate.”

The city does not get much.

However the city does get to provide free police services:

City, in its reasonable discretion, shall provide at
its sole cost and expense (using City employees or contract services, as determined by
City) all customary police, traffic control, fire prevention, emergency medical, street
cleaning, trash removal and other similar City-provided services, outside and in the
general vicinity of the Ballpark, at a level of service consistent with the Ballpark

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Play Ball for free

May 1, 2018

This notification of a FREE event was sent to us. 

The Border Youth Athletic Association is one of the unsung success stories in El Paso.  They are a not for profit organization that helps youngsters both athletically in academically.  Take some time to learn about them by following the link below.

Evidently space is limited so register early at www.elpasoborderyouth.org


Border Youth Athletic Association is pleased to announce Major League Baseball will be visiting El Paso to hold a special event for children from across the Borderlands.

The event is called PLAY BALL and it is part of MLB’s effort to reach a more diverse audience. It is made possible by BYAA’s affiliation with MLB Youth Programs through the RBI initiative. The MLB Baseball and Softball Development staff held over 30 PLAY BALL activations in 2017, but ours will be their first ever bi-national PLAY BALL event. 


PLAY BALL is a free, 90-minute celebration of baseball and softball for kids ages 5 to 13. Games and activities will be staged on the Southwest University Park field, thanks to the generosity of the El Paso Chihuahuas. There will be two PLAY BALL sessions. The morning session is dedicated to Border Youth’s RBI program participants and select Canutillo and Gadsden schools. It will run from 10am to 11:30am.  The afternoon session is open to the public and we are expecting children from El Paso, New Mexico and Juarez. This session will be from 12:30 to 2pm. We estimate we will have 250-300participating in each session, or 600 for the day.


MLB’s New York office is sending a prestigious group out to participate in our Cinco de Mayo PLAYBALL. We will have:


          David James, Sr. V.P., Baseball & Softball Development, MLB

          Chris Haydock, Director, Baseball & Softball Development, MLB

          Destinee Martinez, Team USA Softball Player and Event Manager, USA Softball

           Renee Tirado, V.P., Talent & Acquisition, MLB 

           Kerline Battista, Coordinator Business Communication, MLB

           Sandy Charles, MLB Network, Talent/Producer


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Your check for $1,526 please

June 29, 2015

The city has a report on it’s web site titled “Amended Continuing Disclosure Report For The Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 2014”.  It applies to general obligation debt.

It shows that the city had $1,046,440,00 in property tax supported debt and the end of it’s 2014 year.  That’s one billion, forty six million, four hundred and forth thousand dollars.

The report shows that each and every man woman and child in El Paso has a $1,526 share of that debt.

There’s more

Not included in the report were bonds that are paid out of “special” revenue accounts.  They included:

$467,100,000 Water and Sewer System Revenue Bonds

$20,075,000 Airport Revenue Bonds

$60,860,000 Municipal Drainage Utility System

$60,860,000 for the ball park

You will notice that the ball park and the storm water system have the same amount of debt.  Actually they don’t.  The correct number for the ball park was $60,785,000 according to another of their reports.  I guess that we shouldn’t expect accuracy in reporting, especially from the city.

Keep in mind that they have yet to issue $423,875,000 in quality of life bonds much less figured out what it is going to cost to fix our deteriorating streets.

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