City Council out of our control

Unfortunately the voters of the city decided a few years ago to grant city representatives and the Mayor four year terms with the representatives having their elections staggered in such a manner that half of the council would be elected while the other half still had two years left in their terms of office.

Some thought that this would provide continuity in government.

It certainly did.

We now have a city council that recently voted to approve $100 million of certificates of obligation just days before a new Texas statute would have prohibited their issuance because some of the things they wanted to fund would no longer be eligible to be funded by certificates of obligation.

Some of the representatives are termed-out–they cannot run again, so what are you going to do to them?

If one of them tries to run in the future for a different office please remember what they did to us.

A better time

Before the changes to our election system the city representatives and mayor were all elected at the same time, once every two years.

We used to be able to throw the whole lot out if they did not meet our expectations.

Talking with your current city representative might not do much good. They probably enjoy what they have.

Be sure to make it an issue with whoever runs against them.

We deserve better


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