Unopposed county commissioners

January 17, 2017

Two of our county commissioners were sworn in for their second terms January 1, 2017.

They were both unopposed.


Whether you like their past performance or not, wouldn’t we be better off if there was real competition for political offices in El Paso?

An article in the Times wrote this about one of them:

He said there are a lot of challenges in the coming years, including reducing the cost of jail operations, and reversing the tax burden from residential to commercial properties.  He said he expects the county to work toward attracting new businesses to the area to improve the commercial tax base.


We have the third highest tax rates among the top 50 cities in the United States and are headed for second place.

Does that make us attractive to businesses?

We deserve better


Can’t this be fixed?

January 16, 2017


We were looking at the wrong property.  The post was not correct so we are taking it down.

Our apologies.




Half used

January 15, 2017

The operators of our ball park will certainly have something to say if the city moves forward with plans to tear down our convention center and build a new arena right next door to the ball park.

That is unless the folks from the ball park end up running the arena too.

From what we can see hosting events at both facilities at the same time will be an absolute nightmare.

Does this mean that the arena will sit empty whenever the ball park is hosting an event?

We deserve better


Sun Metro continues to sink

January 14, 2017

How much longer should the situation over at Sun Metro be allowed to continue?

At the November 15, 2016 board meeting the results for the 2016 fiscal year were presented.

They missed all but one goal on the slide.

Ridership was down 8%

Cost per trip was up 10%

Collisions were up 17%

Workers compensation cases were up  33%


The column on the far right is meaningless.

Isn’t it time that the board (city council) takes corrective action?

We deserve better


Not my fault

January 13, 2017

Writing Individual responsibility the other day got us to thinking about our situation with city council.

When we had the strong mayor form of government we were able to hold one individual accountable for what happened at the city.  The mayor served two year terms and had to face the electorate.

Now with the city manager form of government the mayor is less powerful than a city representative.  He can only vote in case of a tie.

The city representatives, on the other hand, are free to vote for (or ignore) matters with relative impunity from the voters.  After all no one of them was responsible for any bad decision.  They only have to face the voters every four years.

We deserve better


What’s in store in 2017?

January 12, 2017

What should we look forward to locally in 2017?

Will we see a newspaper that allows their reporters to ask the obvious questions of our local politicians and then write articles that serve the interest of the citizens instead of the newspaper?

Will we see a district attorney that handles cases based upon alleged crimes instead of who the parties are?

Will our county judge be held responsible for the messes she has presided over?

Will our city manager make time to answer phone calls from citizens?

Will our government employees realize that they work for the citizens, not the other way around?

Will EPISD handle our bond money well?

Will we end up having the second highest tax rate among the top 50 cities in the U. S. ?

We deserve better


TEA high school grades (A-F)

January 11, 2017

The recently published Texas Education Association A-F ratings show this for our local high schools:


We deserve better


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