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June 24, 2019

Frater Jason has recently written comments about people learning more about our Constitution.

Should the blog start a series of posts that reprint the Constitution?

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In the wrong place

June 23, 2019

Jaime Abeyta over at The Lion Star Blog wrote a piece recently that contained this:

If you recall I wrote a piece about how its completely stupid that superintendents sit on the dais with the elected trustees of a district. There is no practical reason for doing so and quite frankly, its actually really bad policy that trustees don’t show the backbone to make the superintendent sit with the rest of staff.

The reality is that Trustees are elected to represent the people and there is only one employee the Trustees supervise – the superintendent. The fact that they allow the superintendent to sit with the elected members of the board as though they are somehow a peer of those elected by the people, is a big problem. How is the community to have any faith that you’ll hold the supers accountable when they sit up on the dais like they are one of you? And not only do they sit there with the trustees, they almost always sit right next to the board president, in a place of more prominence than the rest of the actual elected members of the board.

Like I said before, people would lose their mind if Tommy Gonzalez or the County Administrator sat up on the dais with the elected body.



I agree with Mr. Abeyta and my agreeing has nothing to do with the current superintendent.

If George Washington was the superintendent I would still say that his place is with the staff, not on the dais.

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Speak up

June 22, 2019

Its Saturday so the readers get to pick the topic.

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All star subsidy

June 21, 2019

This is on the Tuesday, June 24, 2019 city council agenda:

A Resolution authorizing the City Manager or designee to make necessary budget transfers and to sign the Event Support Contract in an amount not to exceed $55,000.00 with MountainStar Sports Group LLC, dba/El Paso Stadium Operations Company for the City of El Paso to host the 2019 Triple-A Baseball All Star Game and Home Run Derby July 7 – 11, 2019.

What do you think of it?

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This is not on time performance

June 20, 2019

Can anyone inform us as to the status of the new Sun Metro Brio routes?

According to the Sun Metro website the Alameda route is scheduled to be up and running “Mid 2018”.

The Dyer route is scheduled to be up and running “Late 2018”.

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Part time reporting

June 19, 2019

We had a runoff election Saturday.

Sunday morning I expected to read about the results in The El Paso Times.

They did not have an article covering the results.

They did have  full pages of obituaries in section A on pages 2 and 4 with pages 3 and 7 having more.

Evidently the election was important enough to be the headline article on Monday.

It looks like we have lost the Times.

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A young patriot

June 18, 2019

This came in as a comment the other day.

I believe that it deserves its own post:

Today is Flag Day and I manage a flag program for the Kiwanis of El Paso that places flags at homes & businesses on 5 patriotic holidays a year. I received this special note today that made me feel what we do is really worth it. Here goes:

“I really do appreciate the fact that you do this — it cannot be cost effective for you but the presentation is really effective.

Let me tell you a true story that happened this last Memorial Day.

First, I have a flag on top of my house that flies 24 hours a day and with the wind in this area it needs to be replaced often.
Being Memorial Day, I wanted a beautiful clean flag for the occasion.
As I was replacing my flag pole I noticed your flags being installed on my lawn and a scout (I think) stepped back and saluted each installation.
And then I was noticed on the roof placing my flag. He looked up and saluted that as well.
I got to tell you that I choked up with emotion for what he did and I am now as I write this am doing the same.

I got to tell you that in today’s world, this type of exhibition is, sadly, unheard of. I was and am seriously impressed.

Thank you for what you do,”

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