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April 29, 2017

It has been a while since we have had any guest posts.

Please be reminded that we are open to publishing your articles.  They should be tasteful and not personal.


Lawless officials

April 28, 2017

Recently a lawyer the city hired unilaterally dismissed ethics complaints against the city attorney, the mayor, and some city representatives.

We still don’t see a provision in the ethics ordinance that gives him the power to do that.

His stated reason is that some of the actions are probably criminal in nature and that action should be left up to prosecutors.

Past history shows us that our district attorney does not pursue cases against local officials very often.

Now what?

Does that leave us in a position where our local elected officials can violate laws with impunity?

How do we stop these people?

We deserve better


Your portion of the city debt

April 27, 2017

If we use the United States census bureau numbers there were 220,682 households in the city of El Paso as of December 2015.

The 2.1 billion dollars of city bond debt then divides into just at $10,000 per household.

Those numbers do not include our unfunded pension fund obligations or the majority of the quality of life projects.

They do not include school district debt or county debt.

We deserve better


City pension fund debt

April 26, 2017

According to the city’s 2015 financial report, the unfunded portion of the various (city employees, police and firemen) pension funds is about $355,000,000.

Add that to the $2.1 billion that we talked about earlier this week and we are at $2,455,000,000.

Don’t forget that the majority of the quality of life bonds need to be added in also.

You should also consider what the bill will be if the city ever decides to fix our roads.

We deserve better


Not while the voters are paying attention

April 25, 2017

Have you all noticed how little activity is occurring relative to the proposed arena?

Could it be that city council does not want to make waves during the campaign period?

Council has told us that the longer we delay construction the higher costs will be, yet they are doing nothing.

It seems again in this case that they are protecting themselves instead of the public.

We deserve better


Not a pretty picture

April 24, 2017

For those interested in the particulars about our city’s debt the city has reported that as of January 31, 2017 we owe one billion, two hundred ninety three million, thirty thousand dollars ($1,293,030,000) in general obligation debt.

We also owe:

$665,715,000 in water and sewer revenue bonds

$  16,330,000 in airport revenue bonds

$  96,607,000 in municipal drainage utility system bonds

$  60,995,000 in ball park revenue bonds

That adds up to another $839,647,000 for a total of $2,132,677,000.

Payments on the $1.29 billion in general obligation debt are about $103,578,000 per year.

They reported property tax receipts at $153,490,605 for 2016.

We deserve better




EPISD–out of state tuition

April 23, 2017

If for some reason you need to send your child to an EPISD school and must pay out of state tuition, the bill looks like it will be $933 per month.

Can someone give us an example of where this would apply?

We deserve better.



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