EPISD test scores

September 28, 2016

Dan Wever provided us with this report.  He tells us that the numbers are taken directly from the Texas Education Agency web site.

The numbers are alarming.



While statewide a slightly higher percentage of students are passing the STAAR English I test, many of our EPISD schools are showing declining percentages of passing students.

According to the report the list below shows the percentage of students that failed the test in the spring of 2016:

Bowie            69
Jefferson        64
Austin           62
Irvin            62
Andress          55
Burges           47
Chapin           36
Franklin         34
El Paso          33
Coronado         26

Can anyone explain these numbers?

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School testing results

September 27, 2016

A regular reader sent in this note:

We don’t know how the students did.
Mr. Wever has sent us some reports.  We will publish them soon.  Stay tuned.
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EPISD bonds–looking for support

September 26, 2016

We would like to invite someone who is in favor of the EPISD bond issue to write a post for publication on this blog.

Please send it to brutusep@yahoo.com

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Traffic investigations

September 25, 2016

Are there automobile accident investigation methods that allow normal traffic to resume more quickly than the ones used by the El Paso police department?

We can understand the need to gather facts but the impact on the public should be considered also.

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1.5 times

September 24, 2016

Word on the street is that the Times will raise the price of their daily publication to $1.50 within the next few weeks.

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EPISD bonds–will they spend it on what they tell us?

September 23, 2016

This note was sent to us with the implication that some future EPISD board might do the same thing with the bond money that they want us to approve:


Rival Texas high schools spend more than $60 million on new stadiums | All Ablog Austin

All Ablog Austin – Statesman.com1 day ago
Allen High School, home of the Eagles, is the proud owner of a $60-million stadium …

School stadiums are a Texas-sized rivalry

Los Angeles Times59 mins ago


It would be good if we could get them to commit to building what they are telling us the bond money is for, not something that they decide later.

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EPISD bonds–high school renovations

September 22, 2016

The EPISD bond issue will likely lose some votes because of the unequal amounts they are spending on the schools.

These high school renovation numbers are in millions of dollars:

Andress    23

Austin     32

Coronado   73

El Paso    21

Irvin      27

Will voters resent giving Coronado more than twice the amount that other schools get?

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