Homeowner’s reality

February 9, 2016

A member of the community sent this in:


It shows El Paso in the bottom ten of the 200 communities they rank.

You can learn more about the various columns here.

This does not look good.  Maybe our elected officials will respond by building some more things that we cannot afford.

We deserve better


When something is important

February 8, 2016

A regular reader sent this in:


We deserve better


Winter Gathering report

February 7, 2016

This came in from Jerry Kurtyka:

City put 30 people out of work

February 6, 2016

David K. over at Refuse the Juice posted this the other day:

Explain this to me

Thirty people lost their jobs a week before Christmas to an out of town company that offered worse performance than the local incumbent.

We deserve better



The Problem of Representative Government

February 5, 2016

Our current problems with elected officials representing their own interests instead of ours are not new and the solution was the same back then as it is now.

William Willoughby wrote this in 1919:

The Problem of Representative Government

This type of government, from its very nature, raised a political problem of prime importance.  How are the people to make sure that their representative, the legislature, will in fact, represent them in the sense that its action will accord with their wishes?  This is a problem which, in spite of our hundred or more years of experience with the system, has not yet been solved.  It is only too well known that in many cases legislatures have failed utterly to translate into action the wishes of the people represented by them.  In many cases they can be said to represent the people only in name, since the election of their members has been controlled or dictated by a small part of the voters to whom we have given the opprobrious names of the “ring”, the “machine”, the “bosses”, etc.  Often members of legislatures have used their powers to promote personal or party interests rather than those of the people as a whole.

The remedy

The solution back then as it is now was to vote these people out of office.

We deserve better



Pavement condition index

February 4, 2016

Once upon a time the city published their pavement condition index  for members of the public to review.

As part of what appears to be a systematic program to minimize information available to the public the index has been removed from their web site.

Taking the index off of the web site was a deliberate action.  Not replacing it was another deliberate action.

We deserve better


Shutting down access to information

February 3, 2016

The city is definitely in cover up mode.

The last financial report available on their website is for April of 2015.

That’s almost a year ago.

We deserve better



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