Brio system is too expensive

I did not want to mix the good with the bad the other day when talking about riding the Brio.

On the minus side the buses ride like a skate board.  The ride is really bumpy.

There is probably a problem with the fare boxes.  Although the ticket I buy is a fancy magnetic striped one I was never required to surrender it to the fare box.  In fact I have yet to see any other passenger do it either.

Unnecessary waste

Right now the buses are pretty much empty.  I have yet to see more than 5 people on a Brio at any one time.

The Sun Metro web site tells us that the buses cost $790,000 each and that they seat 48 passengers.  That comes to about $16,500 per seat.  The traditional buses that the system has been buying cost $525,000 and seat 38 passengers yielding a cost of about $13,800 per seat.

According to the web site it cost $27 million to build the system.  No one can put a cost to the inconvenience we have all endured as the city blockaded Mesa for months while building the extra long stations.


If the city wanted shorten the amount of time that we have to wait for a bus they could have added regular buses.  The buses could keep the same schedule as the Brio’s.  Scheduling could be more dynamic.

We would not have had to build new bus stops.  We would not have had to waste millions of dollars.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Brio system is too expensive

  1. Mock EPT says:

    Why,” you ask? How else would some “lucky” bastards land such juicy public works contracts? Let’s get real here. We can all call this Veronica Escobar’s legacy. Isn’t she the one who elbows everyone for these follies at that syndicate known as the MPO?


    • Helen Marshall says:

      This is a SunMetro caper, a city activity; I’m sure Ms. Shaung could explain it to you if she were not on paid leave. Wonder if she will join the firm that supplied the buses when her leave ends and pension begins.

      Meantime, brace yourselves for more destruction – three other main arteries to be set up for Brio. Some of the funds are not El Paso taxpayer-supplied, but altogether it is a huge expenditure of money, and as several folks have remarked, all they really needed to do was buy more buses – and set up some simple, COVERED benches where there are now just signs saying “Bus Stop.”


  2. homeowner777 says:

    No comparison. . . but in Juarez the fastest busses are the little bus “Vans” that come by every few minutes.
    The small busses are full and quick.
    (Small busses are cheaper to operate than large busses.)
    If busses come by . . . sooner. . . then they can be smaller and more of them.
    So, yeah, the Brio busses could be just more of the regular size busses, coming by sooner, so that it is not a 1 hour wait.
    And by having all the same size busses, and maybe also kind of bus, maintanence would be similar, parking spaces, drivers, etc.
    The all the same size (and kind) of bus would make it easy to substitute busses, routes, drivers, etc. at a moments notice.
    Complete. . . flexibility.


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