Starving artists

We are making a significant investment in public art here in El Paso.

This link will take you to a list of 2014 projects.

The dollar amount comes to almost $5 million.  Some of the amounts are for design services only, no actual art.

Another thing that should catch your eye is the timing of some of these projects.  For example the chart tells us that they are spending $300,000 for design of art work for the Dyer street rapid transit system.  That system is not scheduled to be operational until 2017.

By the way we evidently paid $240,000 for the design of the images that are on the Brio stations on Mesa street.

The things erupting from I-10 at Airway evidently were designed with our $250,000.

I wonder what we would have to pay to have someone design an artist’s conception of what a paved street would look like.  Then again maybe we could have someone draw a picture of a restroom for San Jacinto Plaza.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Starving artists

  1. homeowner777 says:

    Yeah, I can draw you a picture of a Plaza Restroom.
    Would you like that. . . . WITH an armed guard, and a 24 hour cleanup crew and graffiti removal staff?
    A Restroom covered with dripping stuff, pee puddles, caca on the walls and floors, stopped up and overflowing toilets, dirty diapers on the floor, smashed mirrors and lighting, used underwear, and used kotex stuck to the walls?
    Which drawing would you like?

    That will cost you $221,345.10.
    I dont know what the 10 cents is for, but the city council said to make all bids in wierd numbers and always add . . . . . 10 cents.
    ( Just to throw everyone off and make if look like an exact procedure and price quote/ bid. )


    • Anonymous says:

      Funny. I cross the bridge three times a week. There are decent restrooms on both sides of the border. They don’t have any of the problems that you describe. Are things really that rough at your house? You might need help.


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    Those are design fees, apparently. The twirling fluorescent light bulbs at Airway cost several million in total, if I recall…


  3. Helen Marshall says:

    Just did a quick look. The project at Airway cost $7 million dollars…and the other beautification projects along I-10 run to $170 million. But…”The entire cost of the project was estimated at about $170 million, but that figure may change in time, officials said.” When have we read that before?


  4. I like your thought about having an artist’s rendering of a paved street. I think homeowner777 exaggerates in both extremes, first, with his thought of any need for an armed guard and cleanup + graffiti removal; and, then, with his description of what an unattended public restroom might look like. I wonder where he’s been?


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