Trying to say thank you

I guess that we need to bear with the city as they change their web site.  Much of it does not work anymore.

In Really, really special we pointed out that the city does not include special city council meetings in it’s list of council meetings.  You have to dig around to find the special meetings.

I sent a copy of the post to the mayor’s office via the electronic link that they had provided.

The mayor may have helped here.  The city web site now has a notice that lets us know that special city council meeting agendas will be posted with the regular council agendas.

I wanted to send a thank you to the mayor so I clicked on the old link.  It does not work anymore.  I poked around and found the new link and then typed a thank you note.

This is what I got:


I was careful to enter the captcha code correctly.

The problem will probably be solved eventually, although I would fire a web manager who messed up a site like someone has done here.

In the meantime I would like to thank the mayor for listening to my concern and taking action.

We deserve better


7 Responses to Trying to say thank you

  1. carlosinelpaso says:

    So much of the solution to the problems you perceive involves firing people – let’s hope that anything less than perfection here won’t result in lynchings or public floggings…..


  2. Plain Nasty says:

    The availability of toilets is not a valid excuse. There is no reason to throw diapers and other trash in the parks and on the city streets. We have trash cans everywhere ir take the trash with you.

    Yes, El Paso is dirty, because the lack of respect for property, poor hygiene and just being lackadaisical.


    • Reality Checker says:

      Totally agree. However, the larger parks have also had serious problems with too few trash receptacles, overflowing trash receptacles, and trash not being picked up in a timely manner, all of which contributes to the bad behavior. Some of our most vocal leaders are totally oblivious to these problems and could care less because they spend their time at the country club, not at the public parks.


  3. U says:

    I don’t know what your problem was but special meetings notices were very easy to find. Just click on the meetings tab, select the special meetings link and then if there is one scheduled you will see it. In the drop box you could also access past agendas. So still don’t know what your problem was other than not using the city’s website regularly.


  4. Reality Checker says:

    If it’s that hard to send an e-mail, imagine what would happen if you showed up at city hall unannounced.

    Meanwhile, we learned this week that only something like 36 of our 240+ city parks have restrooms. It is reportedly city policy not to bother with restrooms for parks that are less than 12 acres.

    Only 14 of the 36 really have restrooms. The rest have porta-potties. That partly, but only partly, explains the dirty diapers that often litter our parks and parking lots.

    We act surprised and insulted when people suggest that El Paso is a dirty town. The truth hurts.


  5. mamboman3 says:

    Brutus, you are highly skilled at finding, deciphering, and researching websites and other stuff on the internet and elsewhere, yet, even you have to “poke around,” “dig around,” and seek and find the items you are looking for. Some of us are not so blessed with the skills, nor do we have the patience, dogged persistence, or eagle eyes to do the same, especially after several failed attempts. On behalf of many of us techno-dunces, allow me to thank you for sharing your efforts, and to wish the perpetrators of confusing, obfuscating, and virtually inaccessible city junk the well-deserved karma they have coming to them!


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