Walks like a duck

This week we are addressing the new goals that our city has decided will be their priorities:
 1.) Create an Environment Conducive to Strong Sustainable Economic Development
2.) Set the Standard for a Safe and Secure City
3.) Promote the Visual Image of El Paso
4.) Enhance El Paso’s Quality of Life through Recreational, Cultural and Educational Environments
5.) Promote Transparent and Consistent Communication Amongst All Members of the Community
6.) Set the Standard for Sound Governance and Fiscal Management
7.) Enhance and Sustain El Paso’s Infrastructure Network
8.) Nurture and Promote a Healthy, Sustainable Community
Today let’s look at number 3, “Promote the Visual Image of El Paso”.
The only live visual image that we have been able to find from the city looked like this on the day this post was written:
Truth can hurt.  Maybe they should focus on handling projects well instead of promoting a positive visual image.
How the city can make this our number three goal defies explanation when they have made a mess like this, unless the plan is to impose rules on us that they will not even try to follow.
Maybe their plan is to bring Hollywood fantasy to El Paso.
We deserve better

11 Responses to Walks like a duck

  1. Doesn’t the City have a Parks Department? If so, why was it necessary to hire any outside firm to do whatever work was necessary for the remake of San Jacinto? And, what, exactly, does this remake consist of? The photos that I have seen showing the tiny square taken one month apart for the last xx months show literally nothing happening for months on end! As Reality Checker mentions, it is amazing how quickly a project gets done when there is private money to be made at public expense.


  2. Haiduc says:

    Progress hurts…especially when not forecasted nor prepared for


  3. Reality Checker says:

    Here is a visual image for you. Think about what Mesa Street is going to look like starting in April when the new 4-year construction project on I-10 on the Westside starts.

    Mesa all the way from the Westside to downtown is going to be a parking lot for the next few years. Add to that the ongoing construction and lane closures on Mesa and you have a really ugly picture. Traffic on Mesa is already bumper to bumper southbound in the mornings and northbound in the evenings between Sunland and downtown. Emergency vehicles already have a difficult time navigating Mesa, so imagine the public safety issues that are about to be created. Wait until construction is completed before having a heart attack.

    The only thing you’re hearing from TxDOT is “take Mesa Street” and “be patient”. After all the money spent on Brio, no one has even recommended using public transportation during this construction, but the I-10 construction might just be the one thing that saves Brio.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      And at the same time they are going to complete the Border Highway extension up to Racetrack, eliminating the other option.
      Why is infill being pushed – the giant Montecillo development, for example – in the westside, where the traffic infrastructure, even with Brio (which does not operate in the evenings or Sundays!), is completely inadequate for what is being dumped into it.

      I live two miles from Mesa. In order to use Brio I have to drive to Mesa (the nearest bus stop is one mile away, and that bus goes downtown) and find a place to park first ($5 for the Glory Road garage…). Not going to happen. I will shift my shopping habits away from anything I have to reach by going up Mesa (Sunland Park and onward…) Note the BRIO system does not go to the shopping areas on Sunland Park…BRIO buses will also be part of the parking lot.

      But then, of course, sometime in that four years the city will start tearing up Montana for another BRIO route, so we’ll have to use I-10, which itself becomes a parking lot going east in the afternoon. I’d drive to the airport and leave, but I really don’t want to see the twirling whizbag sculptures again and think about what they might have done with that $7million!


    • U says:

      Speaking of Biro their ticket machines don’t work and their vendor they selected cannot hook up with the credit card companies. Incompetence is a mild word to describe this mess.


  4. Helen Marshall says:

    Regarding that plaza, the work is delayed again as Reality Checker says, because: “El Pasoans and their elected leaders have consistently told us they want exceptional recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities,” said Fred Lopez, who oversees the city’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which includes the San Jacinto Plaza reconstruction, in a statement. “To that end, the City of El Paso is ensuring that the premier public space in Downtown El Paso elevates this community and aligns with those expectations.”

    So now you know!!!


  5. mamboman3 says:

    I saw when this “strategic plan” came out and see that much of it is hypocritical…especially any mention of terms like “community,” “healthy,” or “standards,” or “sustainable,” “transparent,” or “consistent.” In view of back door deals, fuzzy-math experts, executive sessions, long term debt, a diffused city hall structure, token committees, and other goings on, it’s all about creating that positive Image….but it’s all just an image. I’m surprised that education even made that list on # 5 but I see that recreation is certainly still a top priority! LoL!


    • mamboman3 says:

      How could I forget the city’s devotion of time and expense to fighting the FOIA! Have we had any updates on that one? That speaks volumes on past and present city council values!


  6. Reality Checker says:

    It’s their #3 goal, but they can’t even get that one right. The grand reopening of San Jacinto Plaza has been rescheduled once again, this time to May, But when certain people wanted a ballpark, city hall was demolished, offices were relocated, and a ballpark was built in almost the same amount of time it is taking them to remodel the plaza.

    You’ll be delighted to know, however, that one of the reasons for the delay is that all the electrical is being buried below ground “to improve visual impressions of the plaza” …. as if underground electrical is a new idea.


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