Alley oops?

The Times printed an article yesterday (Monday, March 16, 2015)  titled “USBC Open Championships in full gear at Downtown convention center turned bowling stadium”.


I thought they called those places bowling alleys.  I’ve never heard of a civic center hall becoming a stadium.  Neither has Webster’s dictionary.

Is this just another example of the Times trying to spin an issue?

No need

Then again if we take the Times at their word we already have a stadium downtown and don’t need a new one.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Alley oops?

  1. Haiduc says:

    Do you believe the County Coliseum is a Coliseum ??
    or that the super bowl is played in a bowl?
    No spin….. just fun bowling!


  2. homeowner777 says:

    And next year . . . about this same time, the El Paso Times will be wondering how to word. . . the World’s largest. . something . . . something. . . Federation. . something Juggling Convention where everyone is juggling their balls.
    That’s right. Thousands of jugglers, clowns and magicians and circus people, all coming to El Paso for a HUGE Juggling Convention. As you enter each elevator downtown (and elsewhere) mostly guys. . . . will be juggling large and small objects as they get on and off the elevators and in the coffee shops, cafes, etc.
    Knives, spoons, the little creamer cups, the salt and pepper shakers, you name it. They just can’t stop.
    Most have full times jobs too. (Not full time professional jugglers) So they have to juggle their time between their real job that pays the bills and their Juggling Hobby.
    All of the clowns that juggle will all be arriving in one small plane.
    The entire Civic Center will be turned into a Juggling Stadium.
    (If there is such a thing.)
    The seating they install into the Civic Center . . . IS. . . Stadium Type Seating with steps and risers that go up pretty high.
    Seen that last year at the other Bowling Convention.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    There is one facility in the country that is officially named National Bowling Stadium. It is in Reno. It has 78 lanes and occupies nearly 400,000 square feet of space.

    What do you expect from a newspaper that printed a story that included the following:

    “… choking her stepdaughter to the point that she almost past out…”

    “…Martinez, began to yell at her when they were eating dinner over the victim’s dog…”


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