Questions for city council candidates #1 (PSB)

Some of us will be attending various public meetings where we get to meet the candidates and ask them questions.

Maybe we can use this blog to help voters decide what issues are important to them.

In that spirit, let’s pose this question:

Should the city leave the public service board as it is or should the city take more control?

Please consider sending your questions to us through our email ( so that we can feature them as posts.  Because of the way the blog works posts get more readership than comments.  We will post your questions without attribution unless you specifically allow it.

We deserve better



5 Responses to Questions for city council candidates #1 (PSB)

  1. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    1. Will you hold the stadium to the terms of the ballot, I.e., it is funded by the HOT alone and receives no other subsidy?

    2. Will you support afternoon siestas for EPWU crews in the parks as is done now?


  2. Reality Checker says:

    Here are three more:

    Can you guarantee that If you are elected, the rennovation of San Jacinto Plaza will be completed during your term in office?

    Do you promise to sit in your assigned seat, not be disruptive, and not asked for your seat to be moved?

    Are you certified in Six Sigma? If not, how can you expect to work effiiciently and effectively with Gonzalez and Bartlett?


  3. judy says:

    Here’s some questions:
    “How will you support EPWU PSB’s efforts to ensure we have water for future El Pasoans?”
    “How will you preserve natural open space in El Paso?”
    “What is your position on Smart Growth in El Paso?”


  4. Personally, I really, really hope that Council (especially THIS Council) leaves the PSB the hell alone! Our PSB has a long history of doing good, and as I understand it, things only started looking bad after interference from certain City leaders, as in the pushing onto the PSB the worry and expense of flood control, so the same tax dollars that used to come from the City coffers for that purpose, got “re-purposed” by City Council.


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