A different way to handle the agenda item issue

Under the city manager form of government that we have here in El Paso elected district representatives are not allowed to tell city employees what to do or not to do.

That right has been given to the city manager.

One of the ways that district representatives can voice their concerns about activities in city departments is to create an agenda item that allows a discussion with the city manager in public view.

The council resolution being considered that would require that at least three representatives sponsor each agenda item could take that remedy away from our district representatives.

The resolution is a bad idea.  Some say that the real reason for it is to stop one or two of the existing representatives from ambushing the others with agenda items that are not clear.

Much of the problem could be avoided if there was complete backup material provided with each agenda item.  The rest of the problem could be handled by not engaging in the discussion and letting the item fail without comment.

We deserve better


8 Responses to A different way to handle the agenda item issue

  1. U says:

    Such a measure violates Federal and Texas law. Basically everyone in the community knows this is directed at Limon. The next question is there a conspiracy to shut her down. If so people can find themselves in jail. You cannot interfere with an elected rep representing here / his district.


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    Good Government Oxymoron posted something on the March 26 post, which I am reprinting here as it is incredibly important. Can we not escape Saint Joyce? I like living here next to the mountain, but I’m starting to contemplate an exit…Thanks GGO

    “Item 7.1 of the CC agenda may have something to do with this

    Niland is appointing Joyce Wilson to the Charter Advisory Board.

    Limiting the ability of some to post to the agenda insures certain charter amendments are not allowed for discussion i.e. CM form of govt etc.”


  3. Helen Marshall says:

    I am writing to my (outgoing) rep about this, but wonder if it can be done legally in any case. Not that this would matter to the City Rulers unless the likes of Bill Aleshire or Stephanie Townsend Allala call them on it.


  4. It would seem logical to me if the agenda for the next meeting was set during each meeting. Deviations from that agenda might then require the approval of more than one Council member. This current proposal smacks of just another way to stifle some folks.


    • Reality Checker says:

      There you go being logical again. Speaking of smacks, a few of the people on council and in city management could use a smack on the head to knock some sense into them.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree!


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