Take me out to the ball game, but not on the bus

This from  Helen Marshall:

A suggestion was made on the post regarding the limited service to the baseball games to take a “regular bus” to the game.  To be frank, I had not realized how bad it was until I looked at the Sun Metro site.  You cannot go to a ball game and return home from downtown on a “regular” bus, unless you are willing to just spend an hour or so on weekday and Saturday nights (exception, the Mesa express leaves at 9:15, so you can catch quite a bit of the game but probably not all).  It’s easier to see a game on Sunday, and get a bus home, but you won’t be riding the $27 million Brio on Mesa, as there is no Sunday service. 

The last run from the Downtown Transfer Center (DTC):

Route #3 is at 8:15, Sunday 6:15.
#10 last run at 7:50, Sunday at 5:10
#11, last run at 6:25, 6:00 on weekends
#14  last run at 8:15, 6:11 on Sunday
#15, the Mesa express, last run at 9:15, Saturday 8:15, Sunday 6:40
#18  The westside express, direct to the Westside Transfer Center, last run at 8:09, Saturday at 7:30, Sunday at 7:05
#21 No weekend service
#23  Last run at 7:00
#34  Last run at 7:10
#50  To the Eastside Transfer Center, 9:15, Saturday 8:15, Sunday 7:15.

None of these routes from Downtown would allow you to attend any event downtown that would last past, say, 9 pm, and on weekends not even that late.  The Brio that runs up Mesa stops at 6 p.m.  Forget downtown dinner on Saturday!  Unless of course you want to take a taxi home…from the convenient taxi rank downtown, which is located….oops…

7 Responses to Take me out to the ball game, but not on the bus

  1. Dave says:

    Things will be even better when the trolley system is online and tears up Stanton and Oregon streets.


  2. I get a kick out the comment that riding the bus will solve the air quality problem. We can’t even keep people from sneaking the border and you’re going to keep the Mexican polluted air out if El Paso ?

    As for the Brio bus, one thing is guaranteed, there will always be plenty of empty seats. That has to be right in there with the stupid idea of having computerized trash cans. Just because you see something in another city, doesn’t mean it is suited for El Paso.

    The toll road was supposed relieve traffic congestion. Hahaha, the toll has very few toll payers. The rest drive in the free lane. And I-10 is still congested. Is it congested because people don’t know how to drive. Nine times out of ten, the cars that leave ten car lengths between them are busy texting. Then you have the slot cars that drive slow but the slot keeps them in the passing lane. But in their minds, they are safe drivers. Turn signals, what’s that ? Cracked wind shields, bald tires, duct taped fenders and lights, over loaded pick up trucks. The sloth drivers when they spot a drop of moisture on the street. Traffic jams caused by people that have never seen rear ending car accidents.

    Fix or change all those terrible driving conditions and the traffic will flow smoothly and reduce the need for the two section buses that carries only a driver, maybe two passengers.


  3. Taxman says:

    El Paso home foreclosure filings were up nearly 13% in the first quarter. Enough said.



  4. maxhiggs says:

    OK, whether we want it or not, whether it is needed or not, the simple fact is that we are going to have some sort of mass transit, public transit, whatever it is to be called. It is more than just about transportation. It is also about air quality and other factors. There is a chicken and egg dynamic as well. We don’t have good public transportation because so few people use the bus. So few people use the bus because we don’t have frequent and convenient bus service. If we are going to have a bus service, let’s just totally subsidize the thing. It is hard to pass up “free” regardless of the fact that there is nothing free in the universe. OK, there was that person you loved when you were 17 or 19, but there has been nothing free since then. The cost of accounting for and securing the fares which are collected make a dent in the amount of money collected.


  5. Why do you think ridership (if that is the word) is, and always has been so damn low?! Sun Metro has never been able to provide truly convenient routes or times, and a large part of that is simply because of our geography. Let’s face it, El Paso is spread out very thin, and it is a thankless task to try to provide decent public transportation.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Absolutely agree; adding a couple late hours to at least a few main routes might help people free up from cars. Meantime, the $100 million plus on the Brio system seems unlikely to improve the situation if they can’t even offer Sunday service, much less later service on Saturday.


  6. anonymous says:

    Yet the Chihuahuas and Southwest University get free promotion in the Sun Metro commercials, More freebies for those two.


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