Short again

The city’s financial results for the first six months of the fiscal year are now out.

Building permit fees are important since they are indicators of growth in our tax base and our community in general.

How did they do?  Well for commercial building permits the numbers show that we are 16% below their projections and for residential building permits we are underperforming by 29%.

The shortfall in fees looks like it will be less than one million dollars of revenue but the important thing is that our new construction is not happening like they have projected.

That means that the current taxpayers will be paying more of the debt than we were told.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Short again

  1. 🎭 says:

    No increase in revenues 💰for the local government. No problem, make the airport rental facility bigger ✈️🚗and build more hotels for the nonexistent tourists tidal wave. Or we could build a trolley, yes that will increase the tourist trade.🚃

    Even better, if we name the new port of entry, something with a Spanish business flair, that will increase tax revenues. Yeah, that’s it. Why didn’t I think of that ? But, then I’m not a judge.

    Now for a fancy name. Francisco’s Taco Crossing, Jalapeño Way,
    something cool like Razpa (spelling ?) Bridge. Menudo Path🍯🍯

    In the meantime, our taxes💸.


  2. Haiduc says:

    All the folks from “NO WATER IN KALIFORNIA” could be moving here…


  3. Man in the Moon says:

    Let’s add some more bad news for the tax payers of El Paso. The EPISD is reporting that it will have a deficit of 18-25 million that will have to be covered.
    El Paso ISD faces multi-million dollar deficit: District recommends salary freeze
    The district reviewed its budget for fiscal year 2016

    Then you have the vote on May 9 for the Fire department which will need an increase of at least 11 million dollars or more to which plan the voters go with.
    I believe that would be on top of the already the 20 to 30 million deficit the City is running now.
    City of El Paso Fire Department Wage Raise Policy Charter Amendment (May 2015)
    No word on what your Police will cost you.

    Then the tax payers of the City of El Paso have not heard what the County’s next tax increase will cost them. We do know there will be an increase of 10 dollars for your car from the county for roads and bridge.
    No words on what UMC/CH but I’m am sure they will tell us at the last minute what deficit needs covering there.

    So why would any business relocate to El Paso with deficit, debt load and level of taxation of local government or why would some one want to move here and build a home?


  4. Anonymous says:

    UT Austin must have a really shitty Economics department. That’s where Niland went and she is doing terrible.


  5. Jerry K says:

    I guess the trolley isn’t drawing them here.


  6. homeowner777, you are overlooking a large number of El Paso residents. This is a very transient town, and that is because it is the first stop for who knows how many recent immigrants, mostly from Mexico, but possibly from other parts of Latin America as well. So, all those folks need is temporary shelter, as they prepare for their next move. Next, this is still a very low income town, and has been as long as I can remember. That’s because we just don’t have now, nor have we ever had, any demand for particularly high skill jobs, and we have that significant number of retirees (especially military) and a significant number of people with little or no education, whose income is limited by that lack. As for projected “revenues” for the City’s coffers, who is really surprised? Our former and present City Council wouldn’t know how to do a budget if their lives depended on it.


  7. homeowner777 says:

    I dont know how a city in the desert with very little water available should grow anyway. And with a city council running wild spending money that they do not have and raising property taxes faster than the economy grows, Why would anyone want to move here?
    Seems like, most of the growth is retired people that USED to live here in the past and are moving back to be with the rest of their family.
    Now, if you were a pants, jeans or boot company, the city is full of factory experienced jeans and boot employees.
    A lot of Fort Bliss people moving in but they mostly have their own housing and dont do any commercial building.


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