Questions for council candidates #5 (QOL)

Helen Marshall sent these questions:

The previous city manager and staff seriously underestimated the costs for the 3 signature projects in the Quality of Life bonds.

Do we start over again?  Decide that we can do all three even though they will be inadequate or cheaply done?  Decide what is most pressing and do that first?  Reconsider the need for, say, the multipurpose entertainment center?

8 Responses to Questions for council candidates #5 (QOL)

  1. archaic578 says:

    The arena will make money. The likelihood of the children’s museum and cultural center making enough money to sustain themselves is very low. I suggest that we rebrand the city owned and operated El Paso Museum of History as the Cultural Center. There would then be no need to build another building and the bond money could be used for staffing and operations. About 90% of what the History Museum now does is already focused on local culture. A new mission and vision for a cultural center will be needed to support programming, staffing, publicity, etc.


    • Reality Checker says:

      That makes sense, but it’s too logical and financially prudent for the likes of our city council.


    • Jerry K says:

      I’m sure there are architects, engineers and contractors who have paid out good campaign dollars that they expect a return on in the form of a new cultural center, not a re-branded existing structure.

      Get with it, OK.


    • Anonymous says:

      This makes a great deal of common sense. I hope everyone has an
      Opportunity to see it.


  2. homeowner777 says:

    Every day now Im hitting 4 to 5 potholes.
    The streets are crumbling.
    Prior to 7-8 years ago, I almost never hit a pothole in the street.
    Same routes, same time of day.


  3. For some reason, you just know the opposition to any thought of reconsidering the need for that multipurpose entertainment center will be quick and strident. Personally, I’m so disgusted with the entire mess created by the past and current Councils, that I am ready to throw in the towel. I still see too many streets that are being neglected, and I know there are more potholes than ever. The streets don’t need patching! They need to be repaved, and that is still not happening! I want to know why.


    • Reality Checker says:

      My street has six potholes within a hundred yards any one of which will do serious damage. Avoiding them is like a ski slalom and is also dangerous. The surface of the street right around the corner is crumbling and has lots of potholes. They can’t find the money to fix them, but the police are staked out on a regular basis with speed traps.


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