New flood plan

Is there any truth to the rumor I heard after last week’s gully washing rain storm?

It seems that the public service board is worried that after all the money they have charged us in storm water fees they will still not have enough money to control the occasional flooding.

The rumored solution?  Flatten Mount Franklin.

Actually I’m just kidding here.

Then again, it might be cheaper.

We deserve better


6 Responses to New flood plan

  1. archaic578 says:

    You all should read the EPWU storm water master plan. You will find out how complicated this is and how many millions of dollars are needed, far more than El Paso can realistically provide. Yet still we are making the same mistake over and over. We need a hybrid system using rain water harvesting techniques, low impact techniques, relatively low cost methods, starting at the top of the Franklins, to slow and plant the water where it falls. We need a system to help property owners accomplish this on their own properties as well, The streets were designed to flood and they flood. People die as a result. In the Northeast there have been several deaths in the last three years.EPA and even Las Cruces know what to do and are implementing state of the art techniques. El Paso is not moving fast enough. Eventually, low impact techniques for managing storm water will help but we will still need the large retention ponds and pump stations for 50 to 100 years until the full hybrid system shows results. I will be gone but future people will benefit. They just need to get started NOW.


    • Reality Checker says:

      The city is not going to let a small thing like storm water problems get in the way of development. We’re not helping matters when large blocks of mountainsides adjacent to major streets are developed without regard for the new run-off problems that are being created in the process.

      The new development on the east side of Mesa, across from Montecillo, is one potential disaster in the making. I envision it being a giant water/mud slide. The low point in Mesa in front of Montecillo is already dangerous and often impassable during heavy rain. I would imagine that the massive pooling of water on and along the side of Mesa during development is also undermining the integrity of Mesa street.

      Mesa or I-10 might soon be the new Rio Grande River.

      The former city CFO, who is now working for the developers of Montecillo, is also now complaining about fees assessed by the water utility.


  2. sir will says:

    the storm water utility is a joke. wilson didnt want it in the street department so she pressed for a utility cause she didnt have the money to fix things from the flood. the utility hired the main engineer from the street department to run it and then added all the idiot jobs. as any gubment entity they create unnecessary jobs all the time. put it back with the city. have a few engineers say what needs to be done, and then bid it out to the private sector. you could get rid of more than half of the employees and the equipment that was bought from sitting PSB board member at the time Teran. whats the joke ? if 1 guy is working in the hole working while 4 guys are standing around watching and joking and on break its probably the water company.


  3. intheg0 says:

    JOBE is doing it’s best to flatten the Mt.


  4. As long as I can remember, the City (remember, the City used to pay for this stuff, before our current sorry Council passed along this new franchise fee) has always rushed around like the little Dutch Boy trying to get his finger into each and every leak in the dike. The fact is that just because it floods in one place one time, does not mean that anything special needs to be done. Meanwhile, with each and every new construction project for an apartment complex, or a warehouse, or just about anything large, nobody seems to be paying attention to drainage, so we get a new place flooded. Piss poor planning.


  5. James says:

    The water folks need more money because they can not build projects correctly the first time. Head west on Gateway West from Copia. They are demolishing a retention pond that was just built to build another one. Cement suppliers in El Paso must love how taxpayers just keep on giving.


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