Poor choices

The city manager’s Mid-Year Operations Report and recent events point out a set of disturbing alternatives.  As you can see from the cover of the report, it was published in March of 2015.


The report tells us that the work at San Jacinto Plaza will be finished in April of 2015.


The Plaza looked like this at the end of March of 2015:


Take your pick

We all know that here at the end of May the Plaza is not finished.  Why was the city manager’s report so blatantly wrong?

The two possible explanations that I can come up with are either he had no idea of the real situation at the Plaza or the accuracy of his report was not important to him.  In other words he was either clueless or he chose to report something that he knew would not be true.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Poor choices

  1. Saving Face? says:

    Didn’t anyone proof the magazine prior to publication? Was it so that when the magazine is distributed throughout, possibly other cities they won’t know about the fiasco.


    • Reality Checker says:

      It’s hard to say why no one caught the mistake. Maybe Gonzalez and his highly paid Chief Performance Officer Nancy Bartlett were probably both out of the city when the report was being proofread. They were probably off on paid consulting gigs, which they are permitted to do to supplement what we pay them. Or maybe they were out of town for job interviews. Maybe they just don’t concern themselves with small details like accuracy in reports. If they don’t care about the rapidly deteriorating city streets, why would they possibly care about an error in a report?


      Bartlett’s bio page on the city website is more than 700 words long (nearly double the length of Gonzalez’s bio), but aside from her title, it doesn’t contain a single word about her responsibilities in her current job or about what she is doing for El Paso residents. The page reads like a sales brochure for her consulting and speaking business, not like a page that is meant to be helpful to the people who pay her salary and expenses. Maybe it’s meant to be a perpetual resume.

      Both she and Gonzalez must be tone deaf.



  2. Reality Checker says:

    This simply confirms that you can’t believe anything you read in any report published by the City of El Paso. That includes financial statements.

    It’s not necessarily a case of either/or. He could be both clueless and less than honest.

    The vast majority of people could care less about this stuff. If less than 5% of people voted in the last election and more than half of those who voted seemed to like the direction of the city, then only about 2% of people seem to even care that the city is mismanaged.


  3. Helen Marshall says:

    Looks like that 6 Sigma system really means “Fool the taxpayers – aren’t they fools?”


  4. Maybe he just graduated from the Joyce Wilson school of City Management? What is surprising about this? This is just what we, the taxpayers, get from our City administration on an ongoing basis, and he obviously sees no reason to change anything. Wonder how much it cost to publish this false document…


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