Missing in action

It seems that our city engineer is retiring at the ripe old age of 56.

Am I the only one that found it strange that our chief financial officer made the public announcement?  You might think that the city manager or the chief performance officer would do that.

We are seeing more and more of the chief financial officer while I cannot remember seeing the chief performance officer.

Could it be that our city manager and chief performance officer are looking for a way to depart?

We deserve better


6 Responses to Missing in action

  1. taxxpayer says:

    Getting rid of the head of engineering has been in the making for some time. Unfortunately, it has become very hard to fire someone. Thus, we get agreements of “retirement” and agreements of who can make the announcement.
    I do think Gonzalez would leave El Paso in a heartbeat if he could find another job. Getting publicly berated by Rep. Limon is just another reason he would like to see El Paso in his rear view mirror. Too bad. He’s doing a good job cleaning up a mess left by the former city manager.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Not so good if you consider that he has apparently done nothing to clean up the mess that left El Paso short of some $20 million plus by sloppy paperwork to the MPO….He shoots from the hip, and the results, one a lawsuit from Margarita Cabrera against the city for the destruction of her sculpture, and the abrupt rejection of THC grant funds that the city had applied for! In both instances he made a snap decision without bothering to get any facts for himself.


    • U says:

      Making another mess is not cleaning one up


  2. Haiduc says:

    “El Pasoans deserve much better than what they’ve been receiving from their city government.”…It’s all good


  3. Innocent Bystander says:

    Hey, Brutus – Did you notice the last sentence in today’s Times editorial?

    “El Pasoans deserve much better than what they’ve been receiving from their city government.”

    Gosh, that sounds familiar.


  4. Reality Checker says:

    The interesting piece of information that came out in that story is that the engineer who is resigning is one of four — make no mistake, 4 — city engineers working on the San Jacinto Plaza project, which is long overdue. Brutus has also documented that some elements of the project do not comply with the specs in the city’s own plans.

    How many El Paso City Engineers does it take to ………..?


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