The Right Hand Giveth; The Left Hand Taketh Away

The Times reported the other day that the city  is proposing a tax increase of about 4.3% for next year.

The explanation is that city council previously had granted a $10,000 increase in the homestead exemption for seniors and people with disabilities:

Gonzalez said one of the main impacts to the city budget comes from the increase, to $40,000 from $30,000, in the homestead exemption for seniors and people with disabilities. The City Council approved increasing the senior exemption to $40,000 from $30,000 in September 2012.

The city manager said 45,509 out of a total of 125,577 homestead parcels qualify for the exemption increase, which means the owner of a home valued at $124,859 will pay about $619, about $40 less in city property taxes in fiscal year 2016.

The city has to offset the loss by spreading out the cost over the rest of the taxpayers.

The younger people will bear the brunt of the increase according to the article.  Actually the $10,000 dollar increase in the exemption would give the seniors about a $70.00 decrease in taxes if the tax rate had stayed the same but since the rate is increasing that money will be taken back for those who have homes valued at more than $200,000 or so.  Many seniors will actually end up paying more.

We deserve better


6 Responses to The Right Hand Giveth; The Left Hand Taketh Away

  1. Haiduc says:

    So what ; the Federal Government only has less than 2 people working to support each Medicare beneficiary..
    wonder where EPCC got the Idea? 19 Trillions in USA Debt !


    • Reality Checker says:

      One minute, we Texans act like we’re independent and don’t think like the federal government and the rest of the country. The next minute we’re blaming the federal government for our behavior. Sooner or later we have to take some responsibility for our own actions.

      With regard to local debt, we have some of the state’s finest, proudest conservatives feeding at the trough and spearheading local government spending designed to benefit them personally.


  2. Casual Observer says:

    Do we really believe that 37% of the homestead parcels are owned and occupied by seniors and disabled people? Or is this like the perfectly healthy people who have magically obtained handicapped parking permits?


    • homeowner777 says:

      Most likely. . . . A least one grandparent that is still alive owns the house, or the house was bought in the grandparent’s name so that they could get discounts on the property taxes.
      Then, the maybe one grantparent lives there and the husband/wife and 3 kids also live there.
      And maybe even the married grandchildren.
      3-4 families living in one house. . . . forever . . . it seems and just adding on when more family members move in.
      All with discounted taxes. . . forever . . . as the husband/wife enter 65 years old, the house ownership can be transfered to them.
      Constant over 65 year old ownership of homes.
      They know about the discounted property taxes.
      I’m surprised that real estate agents dont tell homebuyers the secret in order to make a sale.

      Hey, MAYBE they do tell them !
      “. . . discounted property taxes. . . . . forever.”


      • homeowner777 says:

        I think I read somewhere that in Colorado, senior property taxes are about HALF the regular rates.
        Now. . . . that’s a deal !


  3. And, if the City was not carrying such a huge debt load, none of this finagling with taxes and rates and homestead exemptions would be necessary. Stop the runaway spending, already.


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