Waiting game

The list of things that El Paso ranks number one on continues to grow.

Recently we learned that the wait times for certain types of patients at our VA facilities are the longest in the VA system–that’s nationwide.

In typical fashion our elected representatives and paid managers put some of the blame on us not having a permanent director.  We know the story–“we can’t solve the problem now because …”.

Evidently it is okay for the interim director to not get the problem solved.  We need to wait for a permanent director.

Does an interim manager have no power?  If so, why have one?

We deserve better


11 Responses to Waiting game

  1. Is there any medical facility that has no waiting ? Is there any Doctor that isn’t always behind schedule?

    I don’t know why some feel that as should they walk into the VA, everyone has to stop and provide immediately. I saw a Brig General, in uniform, waiting just like the rest of us. Didn’t complain, didn’t throw his weight around, didn’t demand immediate service. He sat there quietly and silent waiting to be called.

    There is a shortage of medical staff everywhere. The tuitions, professional insurance and low reimbursement has cut into the profession. Then look at the schools, high dropout rates, no disclipiine, no ambition students. The graduates are poorly prepared for college.

    Then we have the problem of recruitment. There’s not a lot of medical professionals to recruit, the quality available, poor VA reputation. El Paso is not exactly on top of the list for as a choice to live. Doctors can move to better cities, conditions, more income, private practice opportunities or employment at name hospital. The VA has offered relocation expenses, increased pay. There are no takers.

    Make the VA a prestigious job and a great career move with incentives. Perhaps we will fill the positions with quality people and higher numbers. But you will still have to wait for your appointment.

    El Paso has a problem with recruiting medical professionals just because of the reputation. Unethical official conduct, incompetence governance. Poor school systems, poor infrastructure, high taxation, selective Justice.

    There’s not a lot of incentives for medical professionals to relocate to El Paso and the VA. We have a lot of changes for the better to be made. The obstacles are the refusal of the officials to change, low quality candidates that simply rotate positions. A citizenry that is totally uninformed and community involvement is minimal or self promotion.


    • fyi, mirror person, the complaints are not about the long wait times in the clinic itself, when one has an appointment. The problem is the long wait times just to get that appointment! Or, haven’t you been reading the news reports? The process, just to apply for VA benefits/services, can take a year or two. Then, especially for those seeking psych care, the time between requesting an appointment, and actually having that appointment is measured in months.


      • FYI, the reason for the delays in obtaining an appointment is because there aren’t enough medical professionals. Follow that logic? That is totally wrong, it does “not” take a year to “apply”. I would agree that it could take a year for “approval

        Reasons for delay is mass applications, incomplete or insufficient information on the applications. Recent addition of qualifying illness or injuries. Granted some of the backlog is self inflicted.

        What occurs at the adjudication center(s) could be anything. Too many cases and the system is overwhelmed? The entire VA has been broken since its inception, not a new problem.

        Psych appointments, I agree, are a problem. Again insufficient number of professionals and a volume of veterans needing the help.

        Can the VA do better, sure. Can Veterans do better, sure. It’s an endless circle. We have to work together to make it work. There aren’t enough medical professionals. There is a shortage everywhere. In El Paso, recruitment is tough. Veterans do your research and gather as much information as possible. Take time to complete with enough information and clarity. Need help with the forms, contact a VSO or someone that knows. Notice I said need help. Don’t just drop off forms or kick back while someone else does all the work. Help as well.

        No, I am not a VA employee. I am a receiptient of VA care. Were there some tough moments, yes, but I continued to research, ask questions, talk with others. Beating on a desk and screaming at the VA staff will get you nothing as the employees are former military and have their medical issues as well. Stress and attacks equals stress and attacks. There are few bad apples everywhere on both sides of the desk.


  2. Makes no difference whether they have a permanent or an interim director. VA exists only to say no.


  3. El Guey says:

    Did you see who did the survey? Interesting.


  4. Hay los Wacho says:

    Here’s another one to add to your list. Check out #95.



  5. mamboman3 says:

    If the interim director doesn’t have to produce results, then maybe he shouldn’t be getting paid. Maybe he should be treated as a volunteer. Begs the question: How much is he gettting for keeping the chair warm?


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