Restoring public trust

The city sent out an email the other day.  It is quite remarkable in what it tells us about the prior regime.

From the email:

“The City of El Paso is once again reaffirming its commitment to restoring public trust by being transparent and making changes to address concerns raised by City Council last summer when they hired City Manager Tommy Gonzalez.

When Gonzalez arrived council asked him to assess certain areas and develop solutions, if necessary, to address their concerns related to the City’s:

  • Fund Balance
  • Revenue projections
  • Ballpark subsidies
  • Capital improvement projects

“Council was justified in having concerns in all these areas.  We continue to find deficiencies in operational issues and organizational processes and procedures.”  Gonzalez said.  “An audit requested by council in the fall of 2014 has allowed us to identify and address issues with the fund balance.  Revenue projection concerns were taken care of through our new budget process, which is now tied to the City’s strategic plan.  Our Chief Financial Officer successfully resolved ballpark subsidy issues.  Where we are continuing to face challenges is with our capital improvement projects.”

The email goes on to say that they have essentially fixed the first three but are still working on the issues related to the capital improvement projects.

They acknowledge that public trust has been destroyed.  They are telling us that the prior administration left Mr. Gonzalez with a real mess.

They are telling us that they don’t have their arms around the capital improvement projects and that more bad news is coming.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Restoring public trust

  1. synical hipster doosh says:

    I think you need to stop blaming Joe Meunch and direct your vitriol towards the Times and its new parent company Gannett. Gannett cannot continue to run Mr. Meunch’s columns without taking responsibility for his disinformation.


    • Reality Checker says:

      I did say the Times was partly to blame.

      “The way in which he and the Times continues to praise and protect members of the previous administration is disgusting.”


  2. Mulch Muench says:

    If they agree that the new city manager was left with a mess, why did they appoint Wilson to be on city committees? So she can continue the damage ? Wilson created this mess, there is no doubt.

    Ask the former mayor cook about the condition of cavity hall just before it was demolished. Totally a difference assessment from wilson’s. Cook thought he could be a snake charmer and got bit.

    I am beginning to believe Muench is still writing for the Times because the nonsense he writes appears to be written for causing chaos and confusion. No one could possibly be that stupid.


    • will says:

      ACTUALLY, i think Muench is that stupid. i can remember when he wanted to fire Haskins.


    • Reality Checker says:

      Mulch — You misread it. Yes, Muench says things are now a mess, but he says that the problems would not exist if Joyce Wilson and her highly paid team were still in charge. He is basically saying that all of the problems are a function of current management. That’s Joe for you.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    I believe this is a link to the e-mail Brutus referenced. The City also posted it on Facebook.


  4. Helen Marshall says:

    The Chief Financial Officer resolved the ballpark subsidies? As Reality Checker says, I guess I missed that frontpage story.

    An email to Joe yesterday, so far with no reply: “You note in your commentary today that none of this failure to file correct paperwork happened when Joyce Wilson was city manager. I believe if you look back at the mysterious paid leave granted to Jane Shaung, enabling her to stay at home and do nothing for nearly a year (with a bit of vacation time thrown in), you will find that her department, among other things, had failed to file correct paperwork for some major transportation money. But it wasn’t discussed because ‘it’s a personnel matter.’ “


  5. Reality Checker says:

    You would do us all a great service if you would publish the e-mail.

    If transparency was the point of the e-mail, did it explain how they supposedly solved the ballpark subsidies issue? Does “successfully resolved” mean they found a way to move money from more important public services to subsidize the game day operations of the for-profit ball club?

    Joe Muench now has his panties in a wad about the many problems in local government. However, at the end of all of his carping in Sunday’s newspaper, he made a point to say that none of the current problems existed when Joyce Wilson was in charge. He acts like all these problems were created in recent months.

    The way in which he and the Times continues to praise and protect members of the previous administration is disgusting.

    Maybe Joe should have been looking more closely at local government over the past three years rather than shilling for the ballpark and the “bigs,” while also going out of his way to disparage the segment of the population who spoke out against the way things were being done.


    • good governance oxymoron says:

      Very well said RC.

      Does anyone remember the FEMA paperwork mishap for the 2006 flooding?

      I seem to recall watching the council meetings where in 2006 Council approved spending millions in COs for repairs with the understanding we would be reimbursed by FEMA. Then months later City Engineering came back with the “Oops we missed the filing deadline so we won’t be reimbursed”.

      That was actual lost taxpayer money and no media outlet covered the story nor did Joe have an “opinion”.

      If Joe would pull his head out I think he would find that all these mismanagement problems can be traced back to Joyce, Ortega, Byrd, Beto et al. and their wonderous policy wizardry.


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