Evidently they can get something done when they want to

This note came in anonymously:
I was heading Downtown on Yandell when the road was closed off at Yandell and Ochoa.
Lots of city owned trucks and equipment along with city workers on the other side of the roadblock..
Then I saw the street is being repaired and they’re putting in new curbs and shrubbery (LOTS of shrubbery).
Pretty obvious that the city is beautifying the street right in front of St Clements Youth Activity Center.
You have to hurry and go by to see the enormity of this project to appreciate how expensive this is probably costing us.
Puts the work being done at San Jacinto to shame………

8 Responses to Evidently they can get something done when they want to

  1. Sunshine says:

    And they point fingers south and say Mexico is corrupt. Cortney Niland and her ilk make third world corrupt politicians look like children at play.


  2. taxpayer says:

    Check out the work being done on sidewalks and landscape in Central. Can’t remember the name of the street where i saw the work going on ….maybe Louisville? Wish I had that on my street. But, in general, I’m in favor of anything that makes our city greener even if it is not a my kids school or on my street. We need more trees.


    • googd governance oxymoron says:

      Louisville is Susie Byrd’s street.

      I respectfully disagree with your generosity.

      There should be infrastructure/beautification equity across all neighborhoods and not to the exclusion of those not lived in by elected or staff.

      The substandard crap this city inflicts on some is beyond shameful.


  3. Anonymous says:

    If you all would pay attention and watch city council in action you would not be surprised at this.


  4. Jim Tolbert says:

    Niland attends St. Clement’s and that area is in District 1. That’s all of the story that we need to know.


  5. Reality Checker says:

    What a coincidence! A couple of St. Clements members also got the downtown ballpark built quickly and lavishly for themselves and their business partners., and Rep. Niland, who helped bulldoze city hall and get the ballpark built, is or was Parent Council President for St. Clements Parish School.

    St. Clements, with Niland leading the charge, was also part the group that blocked a respected homeless shelter had purchased property near St. Clements and downtown.The city went so far as to arrange a land swap, using PSB property in the swap, in order to insure that the Rescue Mission did not move into the St. Clements neighborhood. (I guess no one stopped to ask WWJD?) The fact that Niland was affiliated with St. Clements school never came out in the news coverage.

    A lot of money is being spent to dig up concrete and landscape the medians on some streets, including Mesa. We might have poorly maintained streets, but they will look good ….. that is until we get a big rain that washes away all the rocks they are putting in the medians. Then we will have beautifully lanscaped gravel roads that will require more money for median maintenance.

    It’s all good.


  6. Sunshine says:

    Now Rep Niland’s boys and their friends and their parents will have lovely views from the carpool lane. Ah that the children if Chamizal or Segundo or the less tony areas of the Upper Valley could be so fortunate.


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