Keeping up with Van Horn

Wanting to learn from our city representative, I entered the term “Van Horn Texas public park” into my search engine.  Nothing relevant was returned so I tried “Van Horn Texas town square” with similar results.

Not wanting to give up I poked around some more and did finally find this picture:


Maybe we could copy this if the city ever gets around to replacing the Chelsea pool.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Keeping up with Van Horn

  1. Reality Checker says:

    Niland’s comparison to Van Horn and other smaller cities reminds of George W. Bush’s oft used phrase about “the soft bigotry of low expectations”.


  2. Helen, if we’re lucky maybe the council could lure into the container, quickly seal it and ship them to the Middle East. They can continue demolition of history and have city parks consisting of rubble and craters.


  3. taxpayer says:

    People will come from as far away as Clint to see our new town square! This is a victory, people.


  4. taxpayer says:

    This is a screw up for which Lessor and the council can take full credit. Sure, it is really because of a very, very incompetent engineering department but the mayor and council surely should have seen what the public saw — an overly designed public square awarded to a suspiciously low, inexperienced out of town contractor. Hopefully, the committee who insisted on this awful design is embarrassed.


  5. homeowner777 says:

    I know. . . . That Ping Pong Tables really remind me of the culture, the past, and Southwestern hospitality and the Santa Fe Trail.
    Who doesnt associate El Paso with Ping Pong ?
    Will the stores run by those who dont speak English, around the Plaza, have Ping Pong balls for sale?

    If someone slips and falls from a loose Ping Pong Ball, will the city pay for the damages?


  6. homeowner777 says:

    San Jacinto Plaza: 5 to 10 million dollars to redo a 1 small city block park. Really ?
    The ENTIRE Fountains shopping center built for 70-80 million and really. . . . 5-10 million for this little Plaza park?

    And it looks like a LOT of it will be desert landscaped with river rock. . . so it will be Nice And Hot.
    Something is VERY VERY Wrong here.
    And will there be 24 hour maintenance to keep the pigeon poop off of the Ping Pong Tables?
    Will the homeless be allowed to sleep on top of the Ping Pong Tables?


    • Birdwatcher says:

      Take a deep breath and remain calm. There shouldn’t be a problem with homeless people at San Jacinto. The homeless have been unofficially banned from downtown. The city did a property swap to relocate the Rescue Mission so that the downtown elite and the St. Clements folks don’t have to look at the homeless as often, if ever. Some people want their children to see first-hand that many people are less fortunate than they themselves. Not so with some among us.

      The pigeons are another matter, but I don’t see them as the big fowl problem. The real problem is the seagulls on city council, county commissioners court, and in city and county management, including over at UMC. They fly around, make a lot of noise, eat our food (by taking our money), make a mess of everything, and fly away, leaving others to clean up.


  7. LOL, the mentality of the El Paso elected. Even worse they will get elected.

    They always want to look like other cities. There is a lot similarity with the obsession to destroy historical buildings and the Plaza looks like a scene from from the same area.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      OH, but you are forgetting the cool new shipping container coffee shop! Bet Van Horn doesn’t have one of those!


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