If momma ain’t happy nobody’s happy

One of our city representatives has now decided to bring the city manager’s pay raise back to the council agenda.

I don’t see how this can help anything.  In fact this city manager and any future city managers will now know they might have to deal with the kind of political posturing we will see  if council is willing to consider the agenda item.

Whether he deserves the pay raise or not, the manner in which it was foisted on some members of council was disgraceful.  It was handled high-handedly by some members of city council.  It seems that whenever they bring up something that must be decided immediately they are up to no good.

The fact that she voted on the raise when she had not considered the issue fully is bad too.

Now to bring the issue back by herself is even worse.  They should not be discussing his performance in public.  They need to be careful.

Word on the street is that the city manager’s family wants to get out of El Paso.  I have not heard if Van Horn would be acceptable.

Without regard to what he thinks, it seems reasonable that he will hear “I told you so” at home.

We deserve better





12 Responses to If momma ain’t happy nobody’s happy

  1. Helen Marshall says:

    Of course Van Horn wouldn’t be acceptable, Cortney has told us that the Plaza will knock the sox off Las Cruces and Van Horn! No word about Sierra Blanca…Marfa? Alpine?


  2. Reality Checker says:

    I am watching the city council discussion of the city manager’s raise. Niland has the floor and plans to keep it for a long time to defend the raise. Is it just me or does anyone else think she always sounds condescending, arrogant, and preachy? She always has this mama-knows-best attitude. She is even lambasting the media, which has built her up to be some kind of folk hero or Erin Brokovich.


  3. Admirable to admit she wasn’t prepared but voted anyway. She could have abstained or as soon as the motion was made asked to delay the bill.

    No it was a bad decision. Now how many other votes were made without understanding? How many of the reps vote without understanding?

    There is no way she is qualified for higher office or re-election. She was thrust into the job by the boyfriend and others that saw an easy mark or opportunity to manipulate city policy. In short she was USED. Is she a victim of politics, no.

    Many aspire to enter politics and campaign for office because it looks easy on TV. They don’t see the long hours of preparation and discussions. Others are conned into it.

    No, she wasn’t voting for the Prom Queen in high school. She was voting for a major raise that involved taxpayer money. And to vote without understanding the issue? That’s unacceptable. It’s like a car collision, once you run the light and collide, it’s too late. There are consequences for an avoidable act and poor judgement.


  4. Haiduc says:

    Anybody hear of the Brain Drain from El Paso???
    No hi pay jobs they leave as money talks…


  5. Jerry Kurtyka (on beautiful Cortes island BC) says:

    He should be paid a package comparable to CMs of similar size cities, less a little bit because El Paso is such a bush league place. Otherwise the locals who never got out of high school will get envious of him.

    My opinion on the CM issue is well known and has been stated here previously, but if we’re going to have one, let’s do it right.


  6. mamboman3 says:

    I believe it to be honorable that Rep. Ordaz would admit she was unclear or confused about what was happening at the meeting when the pay raise was pushed through. Same goes for her being willing to raise the question again and ask council to reconsider. I would rather a person be honest and forthright in admitting a mistake and do what they can to attempt to correct that mistake, than to remain silent, not admit wrongdoing, act as if “it’s all good,” not listen to public’s objections, and proceed with what may be a wrongful act, unmerited pay raise, and sly political maneuver by a few colleagues for totally non-transparent and unclear justification. Rumors that his family is unhappy? Keeping him from accepting a job elsewhere? Doing a top notch job so far? Keeping his salary commensurate with that of others in other cities? What is the big picture that Niland was referring to?


    • taxpayer13 says:

      I don’t agree that Ordaz’ reconsideration of the raise is honorable. She has made several dishonorable decisions recently and this is yet another.

      On city council, there are those that understand issues (even if you don’t agree with them) and those who don’t have a clue. Ordaz just moved to the clueless group. You cannot rescind a raise unless you have new information about the employee’s performance, which she does not. She wants to reconsider because a few ankle biters emailed her. That does not reflect well on her strength of character.

      It will be difficult to get anyone to serve as our city manager what with 3 — possibly 4 — contentious and clueless council members.


  7. anonymous says:

    This could be a real problem. If the city manager were to leave, we might also lose our Chief Performance Officer, who came with him.


  8. Well, I would imagine his wife’s attitude is going to be the deciding factor for whether he stays or goes. Our sorry Council is just underscoring how dysfunctional they are with this move, and whatever the outcome of this next vote, constituents are not going to be happy, are they?


  9. Deputy Dawg says:

    We reap what we sow.


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