Electricity rates

elchuqueno.com published an interesting piece, Step Right Up , the other day about our electricity rates in El Paso.

It seems that our area is one of the few  in Texas that is not deregulated.  The article gives a long list of events that will have to happen before we can have deregulated electricity.

Is this because we are so geographically isolated or are other forces at work here?

We deserve better


8 Responses to Electricity rates

  1. Reality Checker says:

    Deregulation without competition results in a monopoly unless you have other companies chomping at the bit to enter a market. We don’t, nor will we. Without regulation, EPE prices will soar.


  2. ManintheMoon says:

    For those trying to champion deregulated electrical industry in El Paso when the majority of Texas did this zero bill when down. It’s a fallacy that deregulation under the guise of competition well lower electrical bills What do happen in many parts of Texas many people saw their bills more than double quickly and in time some even saw their bill quadruple. No for EPE increase useless they allow a truly independent third party to study their books, figure their current profit margins and justify a rate increase.


    • Texan says:

      That’s what happened in Big Spring, TX. Depending on where in the town you live, your rates will be different, making some parts of the city undesirable. Rates vary from ridiculously high to sort of high. Cheaper electricity did not appear.


  3. Deputy Dawg says:

    Ask your local school districts what the fare increase means to their bottom line.


    • Reality Checker says:

      Excellent point. Also, all other public facilities for that matter. Sounds like we can expect another tax increase from city and county if EPE gets their way.


  4. Helen Marshall says:

    The most disturbing element of all is the blatant effort to stamp out installation of rooftop solar panels. If solar energy users have to pay higher rates because they aren’t paying their “fair share” of the costs of the grid, why not charge higher rates on people who go on extended trips away from the city, or otherwise don’t use as much energy as EPE wants them to?


  5. Rodney Fender says:

    You can bet there ill be some nice raises and BIG bonuses for upper management at EP Electric if these rate hikes go through.


  6. It has a lot to do with our isolation. There is no competition for EPEC, and the market is just not big enough to make it worth the while for anyone else to try to compete. That is why we are limited in our choices for cellular service, cable TV, and so many other utilities. And, this is one of the biggest reasons why we need to stop thinking that we can be “like” Dallas, or Houston, or San Antonio, or any other city in the world. We are not close to anything, and we never will be! We need to learn to make our city work with what we have right here!


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