Wondering why

Why is it that with all of the controversy surrounding the children’s hospital that we have not heard anything about the care that they have provided?

They evidently have a number of highly paid pediatric specialists.  What extraordinary cases have they cured that could not have been handled at traditional hospitals?  How busy are these specialists?

We deserve better


12 Responses to Wondering why

  1. For the Children ? says:

    I’m sure that the staff is great, but the issue is certain opportunists created the problems. In El Paso tradition, they bit off more than they could chew. Self enhancement was the goal and so desperate that fraud was committed against the Federal government.

    Now there is a strong effort to cover up or minimize the extent of the damage. They refuse to provide an answer as to the amount. There is an estimate of 30 million dollars in past due rent, fines for committing fraud and possibly some jail time. But, county doesn’t know. So if they initiated the building of the children’s hospital and they have no idea, who’s driving the bus?

    This whole matter goes much deeper than has been revealed. Someone, other than board members, either sanctioned the fraud or gave that advice.


  2. Sharon Robinet says:

    I completely understand the frustration and irritations you may have regarding the issues surrounding El Paso Children’s Hospital (EPCH) and University Medical Center (UMC). However, make no mistake that El Paso Children’s Hospital has done many remarkable things. EPCH has received the COG (children’s Oncology Group) certification that only a handful of the most prestigious Hospitals within the United States Carry; such as St. Jude’s, Children’s Hospital Philadelphia, Texas Children’s an others. COG is a cooperative Children’s Cancer research entity that brings together treatment centers, physicians, laboratory scientists, nurses etc working together to beat children’s cancer. COG has turned children’s cancer from virtually an incurable disease to one with an overall cure rate of 78 percent today. I like those odds much better, how about you?

    1 out of every 10 families in El Paso has been touched by EPCH. EPCH was originally slated for caring for 10,000 patients per year and they are presently seeing 20,000 patients. I would say they are a little busy.

    Some of the surgeries that have occurred in EPCH have been far more than I can list during this reply. However, make no mistake there have been numerous surgeries that have been ground breaking, some of which have been the first to have even been completed and successful within the United States. This is only due to the Specialists that presently are employed at EPCH.

    I don’t presently know how to solve the financial issues, (I know what I would like to see happen) but I know one thing for absolutely certain–iff one of my Grandchildren were to get ill, I would like to have the necessary Pediatric Specialist in town that could care for my child and not lose a child because they could not figure out what was wrong with them due to lack of Pediatric experience. It would be my guess that you too would be thankful that those specialists were in town as well if needed.

    In closing, being as though EPCH is already here maybe some of these amazingly intelligent El Pasoan’s that are criticizing this Hospital could pull together in finding a solution to his problem and insure that we keep a separately licensed children’s hospital within our community.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Thank you for this information. The point of this discussion is not to slam the doctors and their patients but to express concern that the poor management, from Day One, which seems to have resulted from poor planning by the County and the UMC management, has left the doctors and their patients in serious trouble. If the worst occurs, where will they go?


    • taxpayer 13 says:

      It would be a shame to let this talent go due to either closing the hospital or having Valenti take it over. Escobar seems intent on handing it over to Valenti. It’s frustrating that Commissioners cannot see this error of this. Research conducted prior to the vote for the hospital by the public indicated that we did not need a hospital but that we were in desperate need of pediatric specialists. Now it seems that we’ll get the hospital without the doctors.


  3. Haiduc says:

    How hard has the EPCH Board worked???
    EZ to spend and not pay your bills !
    That said; the patients at EPCH get great care at a first class facility that needs the community support by all to succeed.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I am a friend of a pediatric oncologist at the children’s hospital and know of her devotion to her cancer patients. Her dedication to these kids includes taking them on group outings out of her own pocket to give them pleasant experiences while undergoing life-saving cancer therapy. At times, when she has lost the battle against cancer, she takes those losses hard, as she calls them “her kids.” On occasion I have visited with her and just listened while she recounts the special life that she just lost. She just needed someone to listen. Her heart really aches for the kids and their families.

    As the hospital’s finances have declined, her staff has been cut drastically, which then results in EXTREMELY long hours at the hospital. Her hours are almost inhumane for the average individual and as a result, it is taking a toll on the doctor’s physical and emotional health. This lady is incredibly devoted to her kids but the hospital’s financial state has taken her as a “prisoner of war.” This is just one of many doctors that I am speaking of. They are victims, folks. Yes, they could just quit, but they love their work and the kids entrusted to their care.



    • Helen Marshall says:

      They and their patients would have been better off if the County had never acted in such hubris to create this hospital. What will happen to them if UMC takes control? It is really quite sickening. Mr. Valenti and Ms Escobar should be ashamed for promoting this folly.


    • Not Happy with UMC says:

      This is not saying that the Children’s Hospital Doctors and staff don’t do great work, but i know someone right now in her 40’s without Insurance that UMC wont treat because she can’t pay. She didn’t sign up for Obama Care because you cant sign up until a certain month after her Insurance was dropped by her employer. She got caught in between. UMC told her she made too much money and then after she was let go from her job that she didn’t make enough to qualify. She asked if she were indigent or illegal would they be required to do the chemo and radiation and they said “yes”. She will probably be dead in 2 years because it is an aggressive cancer(Fibro Sarcoma). So as far as Im concerned UMC can go to hell. We all want to take care of Children, but when the system(our property taxes) doesn’t take care of people that it should, then treats the ones it shouldn’t , then you shut the system down. You shut down the Children’s and you shut down Escobar from doing any clinics in my opinion.


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