Strange bid

I suspect that DavidK can help explain this situation to us.

The city council agenda for the Tuesday, September 29, 2015 meeting of council has an item on it that requests permission to reject all five bids that the city received for a quality of life construction project to be done at the zoo.

According to the backup material the item was looked at by 118 different people.  The city received 5 bids, all from local contractors.  Staff explains the rejections “due to not meeting the minimum requirements”.

The specifications were released August 4, 2015 and by September 29 the city is ready to reject the bids.  That seems like a short window to develop a bid but maybe it was fair.

Are the city’s requirements unreasonable?  Have we reached the point where no qualified contractors will bid on city business?

We deserve better


4 Responses to Strange bid

  1. anonymous says:

    There are strange bids and then there are no bids. City council is voting tomorrow to award the lease of the San Jacinto Plaza food and beverage concession to an individual. The city is only asking for annual rent of $6,000. I don’t think they put it out for bid. if they had put it out for competitive bids, maybe we would be getting more income to help pay for this expensive project.


  2. damaged says:

    i agree with dungan and yes. materials only get more expensive over time. or is it that they do this to get the out of towners to come here and do a crappy job like basiq idiq?


  3. Maybe the problem has to do with the fact that the QoL bonds were voted on – and passed – more than three years ago, and too much has changed in the interim, in terms of costs today, vs. costs then? And, how about the possibility that the original QoL bond issues were poorly thought out, and/or ill conceived from the get go?


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