Dead right

In the last few days I’ve witnessed a dangerous practice that I hope all will take warning of.

No less than five times I have approached or passed through a stop-light controlled traffic intersection and have seen a driver deliberately run a red light.  Traffic was always light.

All of the drivers were male and all were young.

Be careful!

We deserve better


5 Responses to Dead right

  1. homeowner777 says:

    Last week, between 5 points and downtown on Montana, I saw cops just circling and circling several blocks and stopping and ticketing those on cell phones.
    Over and over and over and over and. . . over.
    They give a ticket on Montana, then go around the block and back onto Montana. .. and get another one.
    They can SEE YOU on the cell phone.. .as they approach in the opposite lane. They spin around. . . and come after you very fast.
    Cell phone users on a 2 lane street. . .= easy targets for tickets.


  2. homeowner777 says:

    Every day I have to run “really yellow”, and “just red” lights because I check the mirror and the vehicle behind me is going to run it.
    Before I make any decision to stop, I have to check the mirror to see . . . . IF. . . I am being permitted to stop.
    Sometimes the car right behind me. . . and. .. the one behind HIM ALSO run the “really really really Yellow” light, so I HAVE to keep moving.
    Aggressive driving has about doubled in the past 5 years I’d say, from encountering traffic several times a day.
    All are under, say. . . 35 yo.
    Many are wearing baseball caps.
    Many are smoking.
    Many are driving red vehicles, (in which case causes an adrenaline rush in itself.)
    Red vehicles increase anxiety, panic and loud music and driving fast. Some insurance companies charge extra for red vehicles.
    Look at the photos of wrecks on the news stations; Do you see the red vehicle?
    (Used to be racing stripes caused all this anxiety, panic and aggressive driving, but now, its red vehicles.)


  3. Common Sense says:

    There are a couple of problems. One, the aggressive driver; the young speed demon; the late driver; the super slow driver; the traffic vigilante. All of them mixed together are dangerous.

    For me, the stubborn slow driver and traffic vigilante believe they are safe drivers but in reality create a lot of the problems. They are dangerously safe.

    When you drive super slow or refuse to change lanes or speed up so cars can’t pass, it creates conditions for people to start speeding and weaving in/out traffic.

    If someone wants to pass or tailgating, I move. I am safe and perhaps the other driver as well. But please use TURN SIGNALs. I have no idea of your intentions. By the same token a turn signal is not for you to cut off cars.

    No need to slow down and rubber neck a wrecked vehicle, they’re all the same. If moisture on the road strikes fear into your heart, stay home, get another driver or use common sense. That doesn’t mean going 10-15 mph under the speed limit because of a little moisture.

    If you look in the rear view mirror and it looks like you are leading a parade, you probably are going too slow. If people keep passing on your right to get around you, change lanes.

    These are very simple solutions.


  4. anonymous says:

    The police regularly set up speed traps to take money from motorists, but totally ignore jaywalkers on busy streets who break the law putting both themselves and motorists in danger.


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    Seems to me that the level of aggressive driving has risen steadily. It is very rare to see any of these reckless drivers stopped by police. I’ve wondered lately if the speed limit of 45 on Mesa is interpreted by some drivers as the minimum speed! In any case Brutus, you are right, assume the worst!

    (Many bicycle riders also appear to think that red lights and stop signs do not apply to them, and give you nasty looks or worse if they have to stop to avoid hitting you.)


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