Is it a surprise to any of us that our current state senator has taken an active part in encouraging 18 year olds that attend school in the Ysleta district to register to vote?

The Ysleta district lost a bond issue earlier this year by about 300 votes if I recall correctly.

It seems that there are about 1,000 students in the district that have reached the age where they are eligible to vote.  We have been told that the district has been able to get 800 of them to register.

Take note of the fact that we have not heard anything about the senator working in the other school districts to encourage new voters.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Electioneering

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    Specious argument at best. (t almost sounds like a Ramnath Samnaramian rant..which sounds good until you actually think about it) Taking just ONE of the arguments above, cutting the Superintendent’s salary. Let’s pretend the Superintendent reduces his salary to $0.00. That would save $250,000. Okay, sounds great. But they need $400,000,000. That would add 0.0625 PERCENT to the overall total needed. So it SOUNDS good, but the actual overall affect would be next to nothing.

    The other arguments are just as bad. An onsite custodian, even with training probably would not be able to do major fixes to a building like plumbing, HVAC, roofing. The schools fall apart because they are old, not because no one is trying to fix them.

    Want a true fix? Get Austin to properly fund public schools, which has been ruled unconstitutional since the mid 1980’s and has never been fixed.


    • taxpayer 13 says:

      Since there is no relationship between students’ achievement and the amount of money spent on schools. Why not do some real research and find out what works. Probably, we would find out something like more discipline at home and a stronger community focus on academics. Money doesn’t buy that.


      • Deputy Dawg says:

        Stronger parental involvement, while decidedly nice, does not pay the electric bill, which, if EPEC has their way in the new rate hike, will increase school districts bills by millions of dollars a year.


      • Deputy Dawg says:

        Actually, there is quite a lot of data that supports more money = higher student achievement. Of course, you have to look further than Fox News and the Heritage Foundation for your sources of information.


  2. Basically, what we have here is a citywide (and, pretty much nationwide) problem in that too much money has gone to the wrong places for far too long. Instead of maintaining our school’s physical plant, we have spent too much money on administrative staff (especially at the top), and gewgaws and doodads. Whenever a district buys computers, for instance, no one bothers to verify that they are up to date, and then, no one ever updates them. Or, computes are installed only to find out that a campus lacks internet connectivity. While many (most?) campuses have on site “maintenance” people, those people lack the tools or material or the knowledge and experience to perform any real maintenance. As a result, buildings deteriorate, and now, after many years of neglect, YISD wants tax payers to believe they have an emergency on their hands. Maybe if the top administrators, including the out of town Superintendent, were to take massive pay cuts, and maybe if they got serious about budgeting realistically, such a huge bond issue would not be necessary.


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