Getting worse

The explanation that we have gotten from Sun Metro as to why ridership is down is that with gasoline prices falling more people are opting to use their cars instead of our buses.

Some economists tell us that gasoline prices have fallen because of the newer oil production facilities in the United States.  Other oil producing countries have evidently responded by increasing their production thus making the newer U.S. techniques less economically viable.

The oil industry in the United States is cutting back because of the economic pressure yet oil and gasoline prices continue to head lower.  At some point we might see the other nations cut back on their production thus driving prices higher.

Our oil is not going anywhere.  When and if the other nations cut back and prices rise it will once again be economically viable for our newer techniques to be brought online, thus increasing supply and lowering prices.

In short gasoline prices should remain low for years unless we have government intervention.

Why then are we continuing to spend money expanding a bus system that is suffering from decreasing ridership?

We deserve better


6 Responses to Getting worse

  1. homeowner777 says:

    Boy . .. I know. . . every time i want to go somewhere, I figure out what the bus would cost -vs- using my own car and using gasoline !

    (This has nothing to do with anything. Those that ride the bus do so because a Taxi or Uber would cost a whole lot more and they dont have any family members that can take them to their destination at that time of the day. 99% of those that ride the bus HAVE to take the bus. If they REALLY had a car, that was working, with all of its insurance and tags up to date. . . . they would obliviously take their car.)

    The BUS takes HOURS to get . . . anywhere and you have to wait for the bus. . . . for up to an hour.

    The price of gasoline SOUNDS like a good excuse of why bus ridership is down . . .but, only to those with 3 brain cells left.

    Along the same theory of theirs. . . Then they should IMMEDIATELY STOP the stupid downtown trolley project. . . because people will want to drive, since gasoline is cheaper.

    If they are going into a project that is no longer viable (actually never was no matter what the cost of gasoline) and spending tax money and blocking off businesses downtown that would hurt the economy. . . . they should STOP the trolley project. Otherwise, they are KNOWINGLY abusing and wasting tax dollars and knowingly causing disruption of business and should be held accountable including JAIL time.


  2. As for newer techniques being more economically reasonable, let’s not forget that the excuse given to us here in El Paso, first by Chevron/Texaco back when they owned and operated the local refineries, and now by Western Refining, for our always higher prices than the rest of Texas is that this refinery is old, using older methods, and that is why it costs us more. IOW, it would seem that they have long neglected to upgrade their system, much like the City of El Paso fails to maintain what we do have, and is allowing our streets to fall apart. Pretty soon, between the two of them, it will do us no good if gasoline prices drop further, because our streets will be impassable, and our cars will have been shaken to the point that they no longer run at all.


  3. Jerry K says:

    The purpose of the trolley is not public transport. The buses handle that efficiently and more flexibly. The trolley is intended to enhance property values along its route and, hence, tax revenue. Courtney Niland said so. You know, a 10 to 1 return. Where have we heard that before?

    If the trolley actually were for transit, it would connect the west and east shopping centers with stops at UTEP, DTEP, and MCA. Since it doesn’t, it’s more of an amusement park ride.


  4. Fed Up says:

    Because our elected officials spend OUR money like it grows on trees – not like they it is their own!


  5. Double Talk says:

    And the excuse for low ridership prior to the gas price drop?


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