Hard to believe

The San Jacinto Plaza situation keeps getting worse.

The latest spin from the city is that the project is delayed because of difficulties with a specially designed cable that will support the canopy for the pigeons.  They claim that they also are having problems with some of the welding.

Many of us question why the city would accept a design that required special cables from Germany.

Now it appears that we are going to have to pay those designers even more money.  The Tuesday, November 17, 2015 city council agenda has an item on it to approve the third amendment to the contract between the city and the designers.


June 12, 2014 contract is issued for $500,000.00

December 4, 2014 first amendment is issued raising the contract by $50,000.

February 24, 2015 second amendment is issued raising the contract by $50,000 to $600,000.00

This Tuesday the proposed third amendment will be considered raising the contract another $38,000.

It appears that if you design a project that is difficult to build you can milk the city for extra money as you “supervise” the fiasco.

Its hard to believe that we had to hire an out of town company to design our plaza.  Its also hard to believe that the city is going to spend even more money with this group.

We deserve better



4 Responses to Hard to believe

  1. We’ve all tried to point out some of these things for a good while now. I, personally, still do not understand why the old Plaza needed to be torn down, and a new one built to begin with. Then, since this is like a tiny park, I have never understood why our City Parks Department could not have done whatever work was needed. I have long decried the use of out of town designers, contractors, or specialists for any local project, but maybe we always have to go out of town because our best and brightest young minds have already been lost to the ongoing, never-ending brain drain that is El Paso. Material from Germany? I have never understood that bit. What the hell would a German engineer know about desert conditions? I guess this is just another bump in the road that our corrupt City leaders are leading us down. Meanwhile, our streets continue to deteriorate, and nothing is being done.


  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    Brutus, you obviou$ly do not under$tand the price of progre$$.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    The cost of San Jacinto Plaza is beginning to make the cost of the ballpark look like a good deal. But then what do you expect from an organization that is so flush with cash taken from other people’s pockets that it never has to balance its checkbook and thinks it never has to worry about running out of money.


  4. By the time they are done, the entire 2012 quality of life bond will have been used just for San Jacinto! We won’t have any of the other items (the pool, the Children’s museum, etc), but we’ll have gold-plated park benches and really fancy cables from Germany. Totally worth it!!!


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