Another restrictive bid?

The Tuesday, December 31, 2015 city council has an item on it that shows us what the community thinks of doing business with the city.

According to the backup material for agenda item 18.1 the city leases between 350 and 400 copiers.  A request for proposals was issued and four vendors responded.

If the city exercises the two one-year extensions tied to this three year contract, the vendor will be paid around $2.3 million dollars.

Four bidders responded.

Why is it that the tabulation sheet only rates one bidder–the one that they want to award the business to?


Were the specifications made restrictive so that the vendor the city wants to do business with was the only one that could qualify?

What was wrong with the other three vendors that they were not even evaluated?

We deserve better



3 Responses to Another restrictive bid?

  1. Jerry K says:

    Wasn’t this the same method they used to solicit a baseball team operator?


  2. Homeowner777 says:

    If you designate that the copiers have to do 16.3 sheets per minute,
    and use dry toner,
    and “exact this” and “exact that”, then that narrows the copiers down to maybe 2 brands, and the one company they want to do business with. (A relative of a City Council member ?)
    (Or a friend of a relative that also got you a much needed home loan?)

    Many stores have, on purpose, have had products labeled differently, with slightly different specs, (Even though they are the same as 12 other stores) so that they dont have to price match and the UPC codes are different by 2-3 numbers. . . so the public cannot compare apples to apples.
    (Even though it . . . . IS . . . . the exact same item.)

    To make matters worse, this favored vendor could underbid by dumping Last Years Copier models (discontinued but still “OK”) on the City, to make a MUCH wider profit margin.

    Or, the Copiers are discounted for the bidding purpose . . . BUT USE. . . much much more expensive toner or ink.

    (And they make their profit from the toner/ ink and service fees.)

    The whole package needs to be spec.’d out to see what the TOTAL costs are, machines . . AND . . toner . . and service.

    NOTE: also the New Models of copiers are not necessarily the best. Products are made/ cheapened. . . as they go.

    So, in a big purchase or lease, you’d need an Copy Machine EXPERT to even decide WHICH copy machines fit the bill for overall costs. (Not necessarily the Vendor.)

    i.e. . . . Before you choose a car, you pretty much decide FIRST what brand, make and model . . before you head to any dealers (Vendors).

    The City Council and staff are only Experts at wearing black dresses and Extra Tall high heals . . that go . . click, click, click, click, click, . . . on the hard tile floors at City Hall.


  3. And, if they still operate their copiers like they were operated many years ago (a special “key” to operate it, have to obtain the “key” from its guardian, someone supposedly keeping close track on how many copies are being made, constant harping on the cost of toners and inks, and so on), they should take a look at how they acquire these things. I wonder if maybe it might not be more economical to buy the machines, find the ones that use the least ink/toner, and maintain them.


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