Well done

I went for a ride this Sunday and ended up downtown for a while.

City of El Paso department of transportation workers were installing new traffic lights around San Jacinto Plaza.

What I saw was pleasing.

There were about 16 city workers there that day.

I never saw a single one of them idle.  They worked as a well orchestrated team with each one seeming to know what his part was and even watching the others to see if someone needed help with a heavy or awkward device.

They spoke with each other in English.

Adjacent to the project was our decimated plaza.  There was no one person working on that.

I tip my hat to the department of transportation.


5 Responses to Well done

  1. Michael says:

    What does language they speak have anything to do with their work and completion of task?


    • Homeowner777 says:

      Because if ONE member of a City or State team does not understand Spanish. . . . it makes it hard to work together and lives are at danger / risk (usually with hard hats also) when 2 languages are spoken.
      Also, if most are speaking Spanish. . .( same as High School ) . . . the workers that do not speak Spanish don’t know, hour by hour, if the Spanish speakers are speaking ill of them or passing around derogatory comments.
      Not good for a team that is paid for by the State or City.
      The supervisors and managers also have to understand at all times what is going on.


      • Homeowner777 says:

        The guy next to an English speaker tells him:

        “Hey. . . those guys. . . are talking bad about your mother.”
        “Hey . . those guys are saying that your baby is ugly.”
        “Hey . . those guys think your wife is ugly.”
        So, you have to file complaints with Human Resources and they all get fired.

        Then . . those guys show up many weeks later. . . at your house and you become the next “dead person” they find along a road down at Clint or Fabens . . .

        (Thats how that happens.)

        Sooooooooooo its pretty good that EVERYONE is speaking the exact same language.
        No doubt about . . . what they are saying.
        No one has to get fired.
        No one has to die.


  2. Reality Checker says:

    Maybe they can send that same crew to fix the new turn lane that was botched at the Mesa and Resler and can’t be used after all the money was spent to add it.


    • Justa Thot says:

      You Bet. I dont know what is worse. The fact they installed it with too steep of a slope(not sure it matters because water would have run down hill anyway) or the fact TexDot wont let anyone use the lane because of the slope(does it matter ?). Both the City and Tex Dot are at fault IMHO.


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