Increasing our debt

At today’s (Monday, December 14, 2015) special city council meeting one of the things that they plan to discuss is increasing the debt cap placed on the city.

Item 2 on the agenda reads:

Discussion and action regarding the proposed amendment to the City of El Paso Debt Management Policy to consider an increase to the debt cap.

Really very special

Why is this issue being discussed in a special city council meeting instead of a regular city council meeting?  Could it be that very few people attend the special meetings, often because they do not have items on the agenda?  Or maybe they know that the minutes of special council meetings are published much more slowly than those of regular meetings?

We deserve better


3 Responses to Increasing our debt

  1. goog governance oxymoron says:

    The CC meeting minutes are not valid minutes and you can thank the Cook administration for that.

    The entire transcription literally reads “Rep (Insert name here) made a comment.”

    How they get a way with this is beyond me.

    The excuse has always been the meetings are video taped.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Minutes of advisory boards are the same as far as any comments from the public are concerned. Not much more detail about the members’ discussion..and these are NOT videotaped…


  2. ManintheMoon says:

    Total non-sense on the City’s part if they are no releasing minutes of the meeting in reasonable time. Are they using the ole “the minutes need to be approved by the CC before release”? If so it’s BS, file an open records request they must release these minutes even if the CC has not approved them. They are required to make these minutes available on request as soon as reasonably possible. Basically the time needed to transcribe the meeting minutes.
    Brutus file a ORR just after the meeting is finished and if they do not render the minutes in a reasonable time file a complaint with the AG of Texas office.
    Yep the Work forced tried to make us wait until their next monthly meeting and their approval for their minutes and we kicked a mud hole in the behinds in the AG’s office and they had to render the meeting minutes. Cook, Reyes and the work force board got mad because a citizen had usurped their imaginary control over their meeting minutes.


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