Can this be true?

A citizen told me the other day that the reason we see sections of roads blocked off with orange cones for long periods of time without any work being done is that the contract for the cones is separate from the contract for the construction.

Evidently one contract calls for a company to place cones at a given location beginning on a certain date and ending on another date.

If the construction crew is not able to start at the same time we have to endure needless inconvenience.

It seems like this would be easy to fix.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Can this be true?

  1. Just sayin' says:

    Well if you can store your cones and barricades in the streets, you don’t have to invest as much in warehouse space.


  2. Who pays the driver ? says:

    Apache, place a cone on each city officials head.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    This also means that the city is paying for cones when they are not needed, just more waste. The owners of Apache must know someone.


  4. Fed Up says:

    What you expect our inept city/county employees to coordinate this. You should know better.


  5. Homeowner777 says:

    Weird planning.
    Sooooooooo, if the road work takes LONGER than the Cone Contract. . . then there are NO safety barriers while the road work continues ?
    Cones Contract: 2 months
    Road Work: due to delays/ freezing/ rain / materials late/ unplanned obstacles / etc. = 4 months.
    No Cones or barrels for 2 months then ?
    Much of the road work is done by city departments probably ?
    And Cone and Barrels from (I see the cones and barrels labeled) Apache Barricade.
    So, the city does not own Cones and Barrels and would require massive inventory to handle that, plus the space to store them all.

    Interesting problem.

    And I’m sure Apache Barricade has to regulate their inventory as they provide Cones and Barrels and barricades for many private construction firms / projects. So, THEY have to do some planning to make sure they don’t run out of Cones and Barrels and those wooden barricades.


  6. Isn’t this silly? Not that this is a place to apply logic, but wouldn’t logic indicate that the company that is going to do the work should also place whatever warning devices might be deemed appropriate?


    • Fed Up says:

      Good thought. Just make the safety warnings and barriers part of the prime contractors responsibility but that make to much sense and probably somebodies uncle at the city/county owns Apache.


      • Homeowner777 says:

        About HALF of El Paso . . . .are at least cousins with each other.
        they are FROM El Paso and when some family members leave they come back eventually after trying to figure out how to pay $3000 and $4000 per month for a house or apartment elsewhere.

        ( I ship dozens of packages out of town every day to mainly the East and West coast areas. . . .. . . and Just for FUN . . . I include packing material that include newspaper real estate sections ! ) . . . on purpose.

        The east and west coasters are SO far out of touch with reality and prices. I see people shopping for their FIRST home on TV and the Realtor says. . .”This is just about your budget. . . the home is well priced at $390,000. ”

        I know here in El Paso when we see that on TV . . . . are just laughing and laughing. . . . . and snickering.


  7. Deputy Dawg says:

    North Desert Blvd is a good example of this. When construction was finished, the cones and detour signs were up for a good month afterwards.


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