Better than a shredder

Part of the mysteriously unsigned December 2, 2015 “Financial Adviser Request for Qualification Report” lets us know that our city staff is destroying documents, presumably so that we cannot see them.

A Tuesday, October 13, 2015 email from our city’s chief financial officer to our city attorney read this way:

Hi Sylvia,

I skimmed the attorney documents you sent to me yesterday, paying particular attention to the sections of interest.  I did not save a copy, and your e-mail with the attachment has been deleted from my inbox and also from my deleted items box. 

There you have it.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Better than a shredder

  1. Ronald says:

    Sutter was smart to try to leave a trail as to what he was being directed to do (although that doesn’t make it right). If you’ve been around Gonzalez, he makes it crystal clear that you are NOT to email him. He will direct you via phone call or through one of his thugs. But he says constantly, “and don’t email me!”

    He knows better than to have too much that implicates him on record. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite up to the task here and ended up going Irving round II. The city manager form of government works. It’s just unfortunate we got someone without the capacity, honesty, decision making and intelligence to do this one.


  2. Reality Checker says:

    The phrase “sections of interest” was intended to be cryptic, which really makes you wonder what was actually contained in those documents. The city attorney should have responded to Sutter with a reminder that destruction of documents is illegal, but she didn’t which is another problem. Next, we’re going to be told that communications between the city attorney and members of city staff are privileged. They’ve gotten really good at using “personnel matter” as a reason for not making information public and attorney/client privilege will be their next excuse for covering up information.


  3. mamboman3 says:

    We can only imagine how many documents, emails, etc have been deleted permanently due to their incriminating contents. In a case like this where one email refers to another being deleted I would think the city has to come up with a good explanation….which I can think of none whatsoever.


  4. It certainly makes it harder though, for that person to produce a copy upon proper request, doesn’t it? We lack leadership in this city, and I still believe it goes back to weak John Cook and the introduction of this weak Mayor form of government. No one is capable of holding these people responsible at any level, any longer.


    • Reality Checker says:

      Weak as he might have been, you can’t blame Cook for the city manager form of government. You have to thank Joe Wardy for that. He and council didn’t want to do the heavy lifting.


      • Jerry K says:

        I was living in city hall back then and the thinking was that CM was the progressive form of government and that El Paso should join the march. It had nothing to do with avoiding work. No one worked harder than Joe Wardy.

        Just because it hasn’t worked for El Paso says more about El Paso than it does about the CM organizational form. I mean, what could work with the dysfunctional dufus show that CC is every week and has been, too, under the strong mayor form?

        Remember Teresa Cabellero? Tony Cobos?

        The problem with the culture here is that it is incapable of dealing with policy issues in the abstract and has to personalize everything. Need I say more than Lily Limon and Claudia Ordaz?


        • Reality Checker says:

          You’re right about our problems saying more about El Paso than about the CM organizational form of government.


          • Jerry K says:

            Glad you see it my way:) CM is just a format. If city council and city hall is full of fucktards no form is going to work. But I met a lot of good people in my two city jobs ther so you can’t tar the whole show with one brush.


  5. Deputy Dawg says:

    “Deleted” from someone’s mailbox does not mean gone forever. All City emails must be archived. There is a copy somewhere, in the archives. It just might not be in someone’s particular in or out box.


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