More trouble coming

Are there any people left at the city that are qualified to act as senior managers, department heads, or deputy city managers?

Our prior city manager ran off people who dared to disagree with her.  She surrounded herself with sycophants.  The results were financially and organizationally disastrous.

Our new city manager got rid of most of the prior city manager’s people and brought in his own team.  That team includes a part time second in command (who we are told does not even live in El Paso) and also an employee of a vendor.

Word on the street is that the many rank and file employees live in fear for their jobs and are marching lock-step with whatever our new city manager decrees.

It’s hard to believe but transparency under this new regime is even worse than under the tear-down-city-hall crowd.

The Times is calling for the new guy’s head.  What will happen if city council gets rid of him?  Who do we have that can run the city?

There are people in town that could do it but why would they volunteer to walk into the cesspool that we now know as city council?

The mayor has limited powers but seems to be our only hope of getting a competent local to step up to the plate.

We are in a mess.

We deserve better


3 Responses to More trouble coming

  1. Fed Up says:

    I agree with Reality Checker – time for some recalls. Why was the one for Romero withdrawn – money under the table, promises or just afraid of the powers that be?


  2. Reality Checker says:

    The first, best thing that could happen in city government would be the successful, simultaneous re-call of a few city reps. That would be the strongest possible signal that voters are fed up.

    The lack of transparency starts at the top. City council and the city attorney have set the example for the lack of transparency and the city manager and staff have followed their lead. Same goes for the county.

    Be careful about suggesting that hiring a local is the solution. Joyce Wilson and Carmen Candelaria are both considered locals. Some see this as an opportunity to bring back one of both of them.


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