Pavement condition index

Once upon a time the city published their pavement condition index  for members of the public to review.

As part of what appears to be a systematic program to minimize information available to the public the index has been removed from their web site.

Taking the index off of the web site was a deliberate action.  Not replacing it was another deliberate action.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Pavement condition index

  1. Ray Mart says:

    Romero used it all. HAHA


  2. Homeowner777 says:

    In the New Home areas. . . . . the streets are brand new and . . . smooooooooth . . . . . . . .
    And in the established home areas . . . most streets sound like the background noise on the Starship Enterprise when driving on them.
    If you have your radio. . . LOUD ENOUGH. . . you can’t hear it.
    But. . . . the street condition. . . . does effect resale value in established areas.
    However. . . . most of the Established home areas have REAL MAILBOXES in front of their homes and the new homes built do not.
    You have to get fully dressed (rather than a house coat and fuzzy slippers) and walk, thru rain, snow,or freezing, danger at night and or thru traffic to get to your mail box at the end of the street.
    (Only to find out that you DO NOT have any mail.) HaHa on you !

    Or. . .

    You have to stop and semi-park on a busy street while cars speed around you while you rush up, in the dark, (not lit or illuminated) to check your mail at the end of the block and maybe on a busy street.
    Eventually, all of these neglected streets will have to be totally replaced. Many, I see no asphalt whatsoever. Looks like the rocks are just GLUED to whatever is underneath.


  3. Varun says:


  4. Helen Marshall says:

    The exercise of shutting down an entire section of the city and not allowing residents in or out without a “permit” is somewhat disturbing as well. And all for a mere $1 million…or more, if Gonzalez decides to spend more (with Council approval even though Romero was not there).


  5. Worried For America says:

    Next they will not be telling us who they arrested and why just like Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Russia


  6. Random says:

    You can see the PMI of each road here on this GIS map.


  7. And, they will continue to hide information, and they will continue to overspend, waste money on fluff, ignore what is important, and generally run us ever closer towards bankruptcy simply because we do not have enough citizens interested in voting.


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