Prepare but don’t deliver

How long will it take for our former city manager to follow through with her latest promise?

The city’s investigator is trying to find out who influenced her to delay selling the ball park bonds.  Some say that her delay will cost us $27 million.

In their Friday, February 26, 2016 edition the Times wrote:

Wilson told the El Paso Times on Friday that she and her attorney will prepare a formal statement about the delay in the bond sale, but that she will not participate in an interview with Fischer.


Maybe she has prepared a formal statement.  She did not say that she would release it.

Haven’t we had enough duplicity?

We deserve better



17 Responses to Prepare but don’t deliver

  1. I Remember says:

    I think Wilson will try and blame it on Ann Lilly and say that Lilly is too old to remember. Wilson has already made snide remarks about Lilly’s age so that will fit right in with her defense. However, if she says that, it will be yet another lie.
    And by the way, to those trying to blame it one Mountain Star — Mountain Star could not make Joyce do anything. In the end, the decision would have been hers. I imagine Joyce made the decision on her own, with the support of her worthless hand-picked assistants like Hamlyn.

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    • Reality Checker says:

      Wilson doesn’t even need to create an excuse. You just gave it to her for free.

      It’s not a matter of Mountainstar “making” Wilson do anything. It’s a matter of them having possibly provided incentives for her to do things their way. Notice that she quickly got another high-salary government job here in El Paso even while we were still paying her city manager salary. They kept her in the club.


    • elrichiboy says:

      Before Katie left town, she said that Joyce told her that she (Joyce) was getting a job at MountainStar. Well, I guess that MountainStar realized that wouldn’t look good. But I’m sure that MountainStar appreciates employees who take initiative.


    • sir will says:

      she did everything else they(mountain star) asked. why would this be any different ? they didnt make her, but who knows what she might have been promised.


      • Reality Checker says:

        Exactly. Nothing in writing, which would make it illegal. Just a wink and a nod. Let’s forget that she was leaving town to retire in Florida, but then the Workforce position magically opened up, just when she needed it.


  2. Fed Up says:

    Time for this lady to be gone from El Paso government at any level!


  3. Y Que! says:

    Plea bargaining takes time.


  4. Jerry K says:

    Write to your CC rep and ask that they subpoena her. Also to the Mayor. I did.

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    • sirwill says:

      problem is my rep is probably the one who told her to delay. wilson called us crazies for not trusting the system. now she is basically calling fischer a crazy for asking simple questions like “who asked you to delay and why”. who looks crazy now Biatch. i do believe a few reps may have told her to delay, but my bet is that it was mountain star. with steve as mayor they would have been able to partner on more corporate welfare projects.


  5. Reality Checker says:

    Hold up her pension checks until she responds.


  6. mamboman3 says:

    If there are charges that might be pressed, then that needs to happen and let’s see how Wilson refuses to cooperate then. If not, then we can expect more of the same from the red queen.

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  7. She clearly demonstrated her attitude towards the citizens of El Paso while she was CM. Why would anyone expect her to behave differently now? I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. We really do not need a City Manager. But, we do desperately need a strong Mayor.

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  8. ManintheMoon says:

    Well don’t Wilson say a few weeks back she was going to cooperate with the investigation. Yep seems Wilson lied once again. More delays to have time to cover up. Citizens now need to demand that CC subpoena Wilson.


  9. Deputy Dawg says:

    The longer the trail, the longer it takes to cover your tracks.

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