Need not apply

The Times published two articles in their Saturday, March 2, 2016 edition about the mess at the city’s purchasing department.

In the first the Times points out that city staff wants to cancel a request for qualifications  for services to manage the construction of their quality of life projects.  Once again the city has asked companies to spend significant amounts in the hope of getting business only to have the city cancel the process once it has the vendor’s financial numbers.  You can read the whole article here.

I suspect that the winner here would not have been who the city wanted and so cancelling the bid is a way to regroup and bring the issue back up when they think that we have forgotten.

Some potential bidders will not even respond to a city request for bids because they feel their chances of winning good business are nill.

In another article, “Questions surface over city engineering bid” the Times points out that in 2014 the city conducted an accelerated bid process for engineering services that was cancelled after their presumed favorite was not the best choice.

The city’s procurement process is often not fair.  It is often rigged in such a manner as to make their choice of vendor the winner.  They use different tricks but the result is frequently the same, either their choice of vendor wins or they cancel the bid.

We’ll write more about the specific tricks they use in future posts.

We deserve better



One Response to Need not apply

  1. Jerry K says:

    I think this pertains to the actions of the Engineering staff who are charged with evaluating proposals, not Purchasing that is in charge of the process but not of the decision. Purchasing would have no benefit to play bungee with the proposals. It just makes more work for them.


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