A note from Helen Marshall

This came in from Helen Marshall:

I am saddened that some of your commenters found it funny to insert snide remarks about “guys peeing in the ladies room” in a discussion of the traffic congestion here.

Perhaps if they had some personal understanding of the difficulties faced by transgendered people they might see it differently.

In any case they do your efforts to write thoughtful, focused pieces a serious disservice.

5 Responses to A note from Helen Marshall

  1. Tired of the .03% says:

    Helen, I do have consideration and sympathy for transgender people. However, it is shameful that schools will now be forced to hire monitors for the bathrooms and locker rooms while disabled children (a much larger population than .03%) go without the help that could allow them to become productive citizens.


  2. hopeless in El Paso says:

    Dear Helen,

    I know you are a thoughtful, caring person. Please be considerate of the feelings of we who are caught in Westside traffic on our way to work listening to NPR convince us that the most important current issue is whether transgenders can use their bathroom of choice. When ISIS fighters gather at night to think of more ways to hate the US, the transgender bathroom issue surely provides them material and much humor.



  3. ManintheMoon says:

    Michael G and Helen
    You scream the lack of sensitive to Trans but show no sensitive or understanding to the majority that feel uncomfortable with other sex sharing the same bathroom with the opposite sex. Our feeling will be invalidated and disregarded and cast as stupid,phony. fake, transphobic, Etc and the claims of being uneducated will abound. You will demand the majority bend to the feeling of less than 1% of the population but then in the same breath claim the majority do not have the right to have any consideration of their feelings or discomfort just suck it up and live with it. Helen and Michael G there is just no way you can claim some real screwed up idiots will not use this to take advantage and children will always see how far they can push things just because and it will have nothing to do with being transgender.
    The other issue with this is there are a lot of kids, mainly Teens and adult playing the transgender game right now because it’s in vogue and they think it’s cool thing to do which is a disservice to those who really deal with this issue.
    In additions some of us refuse to except the high probability of casualties that will come of this non-sense then again seems some will take the view oh well it’s what come with change. Of course if one of the casualties happen to be theirs then let the crying,wailing and the wring of hand begin.The simple solution is men,ladies ,unisex bathrooms then every one has a safe restroom to use and not one will be infringed on.


    • Jerry K says:

      I think it was the president who chose his Jefferson moment to declare, “Pee Free or Die.” Don’t be surprised when the bill comes due.


  4. MichaelB says:

    I agree with Helen Marshall.

    On the internet you can be anything you want to be. Too bad so many choose to be stupid.


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