El Diario stands up for El Pasoans

This came in from Helen Marshall:

El DIario is calling for TxDot to reschedule the construction works on I-10 and Paisano to prevent another total collapse of westside traffic in the event of an accident.


In the accompanying story it is noted that the paper tried to reach Peter Svarzbein, whose district includes the works, for comment but none was received.


*****end of note from Helen Marshall

For the Spanish challenged I include these two links:







5 Responses to El Diario stands up for El Pasoans

  1. Juana says:

    I believe at least the majority of the work is in Niland’s district. However, what good is postponing the work going to do? At some point, the roads are going to be closed. There is no way to make the Sunland Park interchange without closing I10 and Paisano at the same time. Bad for us on the westside but the work absolutely needs to be done. For years, El Paso has needed more routes from Westside to downtown and to the East. Adding access roads to I10 will be a huge help. I am not convinced we ever needed a “loop” but then I was not asked.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Granted that where I-10 and Paisano are next to each other both will be affected by the work. But the entire westside network for four years, and at the same time massive trolley works going on in the southern part of the westside, downtown and into segundo barrio? Who on earth thought this was a good schedule?


  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    Dear El Diario El Paso, please come out with an English Edition. -Love El Paso


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