NMSU tuition

New Mexico State University has changed their tuition policy to give a significant discount to Mexican nationals.

If you are a citizen of most states your tuition for one semester will be $10,617.  If you are from Mexico your tuition will be $4,691.  Those people eligible for in-state tuition (El Pasoans included) pay $3,364.50 per semester.

I don’t understand.

We deserve better



11 Responses to NMSU tuition

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow…the Aggie learned a new word their sociology class.


  2. mamboman3 says:

    Doesn’t New Mexico also offer free college education for every high school grad from NM? Texas should do the same. There was a program once started and quickly discontinued that offered free admission to the top 10% grads in Texas…but, of course, money, money, money and the program that offered a great incentive for students to achieve and give a damn about their grades lost out to money. El Paso won’t be hurt by an influx of more educated students and that includes foreigners. UTEP is doing fine, but those increases in tuition aren’t so very welcome. Time will come eventually when $10,000 per semester for residents will be old hat at UTEP.


  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s a business and they need customers


  4. Proud Aggie says:

    Yes, you JDo deserve better: a top-notch education at NMSU, a tier one research institution that is the choice of students from throughout the US and many other countries! Clearly, you not only do not understand, you are dare I say, woefully misinformed. Students from neighboring states have long paid a reduced tuition rate at NMSU thanks to agreements between various western states that offer reduced tuition for their respective residents at state colleges. Further, students from the El Paso area have long been offered virtually instate tuition. Since NMSU is funded by NM taxpayers (and not Texas taxpayers) and such arrangements are approved by a forward-looking, open-minded state legislature, why should you care other than perhaps a xenophobic bias.


  5. Mesillero says:

    Got news for them, New Mexicans don’t take too kindly for Mexicans.


  6. FedUp says:

    UTEP has a similar program for Mexican students: “El Programa de Asistencia Estudiantil” or PASE. Naturally, they gave it a Spanish-language name, not an English name.

    PASE allows qualified Mexican citizens to pay tuition at the Texas resident rate for undergraduate and graduate studies.

    This is a slap in the face to all U.S. citizens, especially since both UTEP and NMSU receive federal funding, which is subsidized by residents of other U.S. states. So a Mexico citizen gets a better deal on education here than would a taxpayer from Colorado or Michigan.

    Welcome to the “new Mexico.”


    • Proud Aggie says:

      Your xenophobia clouds your ability to gather facts. Students from Colorado and many other Western states (and the El Paso area) pay the same reduced rate (El Paso students actually pay even less). And FYI, the university is funded by NM taxpayers. Federal money comes in the form of research grants that are available to any institution that meets the requirements. Said research’s benefits extend far beyond NM or even the US.


  7. Judy Maddox says:

    We had neighbors who lived in back of us who were resident aliens that paid foreign student residency fees for UTEP and out of district fees for Coronado High School. These people lived here legally paid taxes in El Paso for Coronado country club area .They were refuges from the Syrian Lebanese war and are now citizens of The USA. So yes why half price tuition?

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  8. Deputy Dawg says:

    Smart marketing move to increase number of students and bypass UTEP. Everyone knows tuition is hardly any amount in a college fee schedule. Unless they also lowered the parking fees, student union fees, fees for having fees fee, textbook fees, and on and on and on it really is not that much.
    But it did make the news, and it will increase the number of students from Mexico going to NMSU.


    • FedUp says:

      NMSU isn’t one-upping or bypassing UTEP. UTEP has a similar program.

      If it’s “not that much” and they want to increase total enrollment, why not offer the same tuition rate to U.S. taxpayers from other states?


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