Time to tell

Do you remember the mess the city got involved in re-re-re-re-modeling San Jacinto Plaza?

We were told that the public could not know the details relating to the mess because of potential litigation.

The project is supposedly finished.

Finished that is, except for the restrooms that council now says are needed.  They were left off originally so that the prior city manager and her acolytes could lie to us about the cost of the project.

Time to tell

Why is it that the city has not come forward and told us how and why the mess occurred and who was responsible?

We deserve better


9 Responses to Time to tell

  1. I do not see the need for public restrooms for a site that is not at all attractive, and which serves no real purpose anyway. Besides, it is not as if the plaza is surrounded by any businesses that bring in traffic of any kind. Meanwhile, does anybody know what happened to the lights and other decorations that used to be brought out each year for the Christmas season?


    • Well, if the El Paso Times is to be believed: “The city previously used in-house staff to buy and install the lights and decorations, many of which are old and deteriorated or are no longer compatible with the renovated plaza, city officials said.” What does “no longer compatible” mean? http://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/local/community/2016/06/28/plans-san-jacinto-plaza-holiday-lighting-begin/86475726/


      • Here We Go Again says:

        “No longer compatible” simply means Courtney & Friends want new lights. If the Christmas lights are like everything else to do with the plaza renovation, they will plug them in and find that they don’t work and they won’t be ready for Christmas because they need to order special cords or bulbs from China. I hope Niland supervises the installation of the lights better than she did the renovation.


      • anonymous says:

        from ktsm

        City reps. Cortney Niland and Lily Limon wanted to make sure the lights and decorations reflect the culture of the Sun City. “We don’t want Victorian lighting. We’re not a Victorian culture,” said Niland.

        Limon adds, “The lighting is going to be good, but it’s the papel picado, it’s the piñata, it’s the banners, it’s those kinds of things that make it a festive environment that really reflects the culture of this city.”


        So if you believe Limon, the quarter of a million dollars budget also includes a lot of woodpeckered paper and banners because she and others have concluded that those things reflect “our culture.”

        They must still be trying to out-do Van Horn and Deming.


        • Juana says:

          And Limon would have the mariachis playing Christmas music and have a lit up Mexican flag. (And, please don’t call me a racist because I don’t want mariachis playing Silent Night. I’m Latina and surely should be able to bash Limon all I want without being called racist..)


  2. Jerry K says:

    It’s needed for the bus loads of tourists who come to visit San Jacinto Plaza.


  3. Here We Go Again says:

    It’s a “personnel matter.”


  4. Anonymous says:

    Jeeees, what do you think they put that scruffy tree there for? That’s good enuf for the peons. As for the Christmas lights, the old one are needed to string along the fantastic, futuristic new trolley line to no where, so naturally we gots to have new lights!


  5. tBusch says:

    Just pee in the splash pool. It’s a “water feature”. Problem solved.


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