Just agree, we’ll figure out the details later

Item 26.1 on the Tuesday, August 9, 2016 city council agenda is a real jewel.  It reads:

An Ordinance adopting the City of El Paso Bike Plan as the official bicycle master plan for the City of El Paso and to incorporate this plan as an addendum to Plan El Paso.

The backup material includes a 197 page report.  This page is part of the Vision and Goals portion of the report:


Objective two has a goal date of January 2017.  That’s five months from now.  Notice that the current strategy to accomplish the goal is “No current defined strategy”.

Yet they want to make this plan part of our city’s future.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Just agree, we’ll figure out the details later

  1. Old Gringo Guy says:

    OK, we have had bike lanes now in Northeast for several years. To date, I have seen one (1) bicycle in the bike lane on Hondo Pass. That was a young kid pushing a bicycle WITH A FLAT TIRE!!


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    Here is an LA Times article that explains clearly why this Bike Plan is Forward to the Past.” We COULD do something diferently – Barcelona is adding a huge network of separate bike paths to its city infrastructure, for a cost of $36 million. But hey, we’re getting a trolley for only about three times that much, duplicating existing bus routes! Another triumph for City Council



  3. Reality Checker says:

    For once, they are being honest. They almost never have a legitimate strategy for anything they do, much less an effective implementation plan. That’s the main reason economic development has failed miserably. The only plan they know how to do is tax and spend for the benefit of developers.


  4. Fed Up says:

    So typical. City council is more concerned about being bicycle friendly than business friendly. It’s more concerned with being validated by a bicycling organization than it is with the city being viewed as a great place to locate a business or a place where people can make a reasonable living. As if people are going to move here to work for low wages just so they can ride their bicycle.

    Look around. I’m tired of seeing money spent on special bike lanes and paths when so few cyclists respect the laws that are currently in place. Many don’t respect stop signs and traffic lights. Many ride the wrong way on streets. Many ride on sidewalks, which is not permitted by the city ordinance. And I have never, ever seen a policeman stop a bicyclists for doing the wrong thing. They will drive right past a law-breaking bicyclists and not stop.

    The idea of doing an online survey is totally bogus. Any knowledgeable research person will tell you that online surveys have no scientific validity.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Is there any city requirement that cyclists wear helmets, or have periodic safety checks or carry insurance if they injure someone…???


  5. This is Silly Council, some of their minions, “Contractors” wasting money on a Consulting Firm to tell THEM where people should ride bikes. Okay, I’ll help them out for FREE. They ride the bikes in the STREET. Up Northeast they ride on Gate Way South, Gateway North, Martin Luther King , endangering themselves, creating traffic hazards. Up Northeast they have wasted traffic lanes to create bike lanes. Some of these politicos need to stand on a street corner and count bike riders. Traffic is bad enough without wasting money on something where there is no need or use. Silly Council THINK sometimes.


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