We don’t have to listen

Watching the video of a recent city council meeting there was an item on the agenda that council voted to postpone consideration of.

Evidently some members of the public had signed up to speak about the item.

Incredibly the city clerk pointed out that those people would not be allowed to speak since the item had been postponed.


Members of the public took the trouble to interrupt their normal routines to appear before council to express their thoughts.

Council ignored them.

We deserve better


14 Responses to We don’t have to listen

  1. Judy Maddox says:

    Again no ELPASO speak I did sign up again ! Help

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  2. Judy Maddox says:

    I am not receiving ELPASO speak.’I THINK I signed up again. I went to manage your subscriptions. Sent from my iPhone



  3. This is the arrogance, disrespect that “The stupid, ignorant peons” of El Taxo get from these two-bit politicians on City Council, The County. “Vote for ANOTHER Democrat”.


  4. abandon hope says:

    And the same day Council voted to postpone discussion of the budget and tax rate until after other agenda items, making anyone wanting to speak about this important item wait until much later (or leave).

    The result was that Tolbert got to harass the Police Chief for 45 minutes and Niland was allowed to whine on about why she needs her cell phone turned on during meetings. The most important item had to wait while these two selfishly pursued their personal agendas.

    Think Council was bad before? Tolbert is doing his best to make it totally dysfuntional.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Asking the Police Chief to explain the apparent reduction in patrol offiders for the city is not “harrassing” him. He does work for the City and its Council.


      • abandon hope says:

        Tolbert’s demeanor is arrogant, smug and condescending. Even after the Chief explained that the “reduction” was primarily due to the way the data was kept (a change instituted by the City) Tolbert continued to question him as if it were the Watergate hearing. My main point is that this issue took precedence over the main issue for the day, which was the budget and tax rate. Anyone who made a trip to City Hall for his measly 3 minutes to speak about the tax rate had to wait until after lunch. Tolbert and Niland got to waste 1 1/2 hours on topics that either were meaningless or could be discussed another time.


        • Anglocentric says:

          Perhaps that was the plan all along. Cut public comment by delaying the discussion.


          • abandon hope says:

            Good point. When Council is packed with immature grandstanders, it’s hard to tell whether wasting time is intentional or the result of electing the wrong people.


      • abandon hope says:

        I should add that Tolbert that day accused the Police Chief of fraud and deception by playing a “shell game.” That is a serious accusation made with no evidence. Tolbert was not listening, only throwing out accusations. His personal agenda is showing.


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