Wither Paul Ryan

Our speaker of the house of representatives is in an interesting position.

He disappointed many last year as he accommodated the wishes of the incumbent president.

Then he chose not to fully support his party’s presidential candidate.

In January he will face a different situation with the republicans having control of both the house and the senate as well as the presidency.  The republicans need to make things happen.

Predictions don’t cost us much so consider this one:

The new president is a corporate executive.  He has experience handling subordinates and knows that powerful people do not often just fade away.

One solution is to keep him close.  Appoint him to a cabinet position–not a premier one like defense or state, but instead to something that he should care about like education.

Tell him to clean up the department and then maybe he will get a promotion.  If he fails he will hear “you’re fired”.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Wither Paul Ryan

  1. U says:

    Ryan will stay as Speaker.


  2. abandon hope says:

    Speaker Paul Ryan’s job is secure. Last week there was a unanimous vote by the House Republicans to re-elect him speaker. The president-elect and the Speaker will have a good working relationship through Mike Pence, who is spent 8 years in the House and is a close friend of the Speaker. Great things are ahead for Paul Ryan in his current position, not in the cabinet. I think you will find Republicans are united behind Trump, whatever their positions were during the campaign.


    • Jerry K says:

      The GOP thought they were going down the tubes with Trump but that was as accurate as the CNN, NYT and HuffPo polls. The party even picked up six governorships and retains control of the House and Senate. All they need to do now is not blow it like Bush did.


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