Shoehorn needed

If they tear down the convention center how long will it be before we start hearing that the city needs bond money to build a new one?

It seems that we may need to get a bigger downtown if they continue to cram stuff into it like they are doing now.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Shoehorn needed

  1. desertratjim says:

    Our city father’s are taking us down a path of destroying alreay-placed infrastructure to build new infrastructure that is ill-suited for downtown. We need to quit catering to the well-healed Fosters and Hunts and start thinking about our taxpayers and looming city bankruptcy!


  2. Don’t they, at some point, have to build a multi-story parking garage just to handle all the cars of all the people attending all the events?


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Remember that City attorney Borunda Firth claimed they didn’t need any more parking, as they wanted people to park all over Dwntwn and walk to the “arena,” thereby seeing all the cool new stuff that the City has created.


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